Transform old wooden hooks into stylish storage for your home

wooden hooks
Transform old wooden hooks into stylish storageJesse Wild - Getty Images

We could all do with more storage in our homes. Well, look no further than this lovely upcycling project, which is great fun to work on and helps you maximise your space!

These hooks can be bought really cheaply, making it a great craft project to do on a budget. You'll create chic distressed edges using sandpaper, then seal your work with wax at the end. You'll use the wax and paint again for so many other upcycling projects.

Be warned that painting any furniture can get messy, so make sure you cover the surface you're working on before you start.

And if you'd like to create more upcycled storage, check out how to transform old suitcases into homeware.

Happy crafting!

TIP: Take your time when applying the paint. Be quite sparse, you can always add more but you can’t take away!

What you need to create stylish hooks

  • Wooden hooks

  • Annie Sloan chalk paint (or other brand)

  • Annie Sloan clear wax (or other brand)

  • Paint brushes

  • Cloth

  • Sandpaper

  • Kitchen towel

How to create stylish hooks

1. Before you start anything, you want to wipe down the hooks and remove any dust or dirt, this can affect the texture if you don’t.

wooden hooks
Hearst Owned

2. Now decide on what effect you want to create. If you want more of a rustic look with some of the wood still on show the best thing to do is take some paint on your brush and dab your brush onto your kitchen towel to remove the excess. Then gently sweep the brush over the surface so that it doesn’t go into the carved areas. Alternatively if you want a fully opaque look, then be more generous with the paint and make sure everywhere is covered. Remember to not apply the paint too thickly.

wooden hooks
Jesse Wild - Hearst Owned

3. Now you need to distress edges using sandpaper. To do this, focus on the very edges of your piece, sanding as if where it would have worn naturally. The other option is to then use a contrasting paint on the sanded areas. Give the whole hook a rough sand and then dip a cloth into the paint and wipe it over the hook lightly, paying attention to the sanded areas. I chose white to pick up more of the texture at the edges and black to give an authentic aged look.

wooden hooks
Jesse Wild - Hearst Owned

4. Finally always remember to seal your finished piece using wax. I used the clear wax this time to enhance the colours I had used to paint my hooks with. This seals the paint in and stops the paint from transferring. Then wipe off the excess wax.

wooden hooks
Jesse Wild - Hearst Owned

How to style your hooks

Add a touch of colour to a bland white hallway using your finished upcycled wooden hooks. Think about the palette you are aiming for, do you want to add contrast with your hooks or complement a room?

Have you got the upcycling bug? Share your transformations with us by tagging @primamag in your pictures on Instagram!

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