Transform Your Next Sandwich Into A Salad And Thank Us Later

Sandwich with beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion
Sandwich with beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion - RFondren Photography/Shutterstock

As good as sandwiches are, sometimes you want something a bit lighter with the same tasty flavors and fillings. So what better way to get the meal you're craving than to transform your sandwich into a salad? This trick is incredibly easy and just calls for a bit of creativity.

To start with, just ditch the bread for a bowl of greens and you've got a blank canvas ready to be painted with your favorite fillings. From there, chop up what usually goes into your favorite sandwich and add it to the mix. To finish up, drizzle on your favorite salad dressing or come up with a version that mimics the usual spreads and sauces you'd add to your sub.

The best part about turning a sandwich into a salad is that you can get as creative as you like. That means you could even add ingredients to your meal that seem a bit unconventional, such as a peanut butter drizzle to mimic a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. However, the first step in making a delicious creation is choosing the right base.

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Finding The Right Balance Of Protein, Greens, And Toppings

Hearty Cobb salad
Hearty Cobb salad - Timolina/Shutterstock

Some sandwiches, such as a classic BLT, already include a specific type of green in them. These can serve as the backdrop for your protein and toppings. Other varieties, however, don't come with lettuce, such as a classic egg salad sandwich. In this case, you can stick to a classic iceberg or get creative with other greens, whether that's romaine lettuce, kale, or something else.

Once you've got your greens in order, it's time to add your toppings. This is where you can really bring out the flavors of your favorite sandwich. A Reuben salad, for instance, might include a dollop of sauerkraut, cubed Swiss cheese, and shaved corned beef. On the other hand, if it's a turkey club you love munching on, you'd be adding bacon, your favorite style of turkey, and tomatoes to the mix. You can even revamp your favorite breakfast sandwiches into a salad — instead of scrambling the eggs, try hard-boiling them to add to the meal, and then complete the dish with your preferred proteins.

Remember, no matter what you add, it's important to chop or shred the toppings so that they're bite-sized and can be tossed into your salad. Otherwise, you'll wind up with some flavorful mouthfuls and others that are just greens.

Don't Forget About The Dressing

Pouring salad dressing on salad
Pouring salad dressing on salad - Pinkyone/Shutterstock

Beyond the toppings, the dressing can also play a role in how much your newly made salad does or doesn't taste like your favorite sandwich. For example, if you've transformed a Reuben into a salad, Thousand Island dressing is the way to go. This condiment is traditionally added to the sandwich giving it a creamy, tangy flavor. Or if you've created a bahn mi salad, you might want to use hoisin sauce, sriracha, or a combination of the two to create a dressing that enhances the taste of your dish.

Of course, you can always move away from traditional dressings, particularly if your chosen sub doesn't usually come with a sauce. For instance, if you like to spread hummus on your bread, you can make a hummus salad dressing. Or if you use jelly in your sandwich, you could use something like a strawberry-balsamic dressing to add fruity touches to your dish. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to making a sandwich into a salad, so get creative and come up with your own winning combos.

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