Transform Your Favorite Quiche Recipe With A Tablespoon Of Mayo

Quiche Florentine on wooden plate
Quiche Florentine on wooden plate - AS Foodstudio/Shutterstock

A spoonful of mayonnaise can make a perfect secret ingredient. This versatile ingredient has dozens of uses in cooking and baking and can moisten anything from cakes to sandwiches. What's more, it will take your quiche to the next level.

It's hard to beat a classic, savory egg pie, but there are a few mistakes anyone can make when preparing quiche. If your cream-to-egg ratio is off, the texture won't be ideal; too many eggs will make the quiche dry; if you add too much liquid, you'll get a runny filling. You have to walk a fine line to achieve the perfect texture, but mayonnaise might give you a little more wiggle room. That's because mayonnaise is about 70% - 80% fat. Adding fat to your cooking will improve the texture by giving you a silkier, fluffier mouthfeel.

People don't normally consider mayonnaise the star of the show, but it can certainly transform a dish. If you thought mayonnaise was the winning element in a BLT or in potato salad, you should see what it does to a quiche.

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Mayo Gives Quiche A Fluffiness Factor

Person whisking a bowl of mayonnaise
Person whisking a bowl of mayonnaise - New Africa/Shutterstock

If you want to seriously up the quality of your homemade quiche, turn to mayonnaise. The condiment improves the quiche's texture because it's an emulsion, meaning its main ingredients — lemon, egg yolks, oil, and vinegar — can't normally be mixed together, but they become dispersed evenly throughout the mixture through rapid whisking or blending. Emulsions are creamier and thicker than other sauces, so they stick to other ingredients more easily. In your quiche, this means the thick mayo will incorporate fully into your eggs and cream, adding fat and boosting the taste.

A dollop of mayo will smooth out and enhance the eggs' texture, giving you a light, fluffy filling. Adhere to whatever ratio of cream to eggs your recipe prescribes, and whisk in roughly a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Then, add your fillings, and bake the pie as you normally would. Your quiche will come out of the oven with an airy texture that's even throughout.

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