The Traitors releases trailer for new series with one huge format change

the traitors
The Traitors releases trailer for new seriesPEACOCK - NBC Universal

The Traitors is taking over the world, and the US is next.

The American version of the reality game show, which essentially plays like a bigger and more dramatic version of wink murder, is launching on streaming service Peacock next week.

The big change here is that there are a host of celebrities taking part alongside the civilians, including people from Survivor, Big Brother, Real Housewives, Below Deck and The Bachelor. Will people judge the celebrities as Faithfuls or Traitors based on pre-existing impressions? We're intrigued to see if they do.

the traitors
PEACOCK - NBC Universal

Another change for the US show is that every episode is dropping at the same time, rather than giving us nail-biting cliffhangers to discuss all day until the next episode.

James Bond and Son of the Mask actor Alan Cumming is hosting over proceedings and, judging from the trailer, he looks like he's having a whale of a time, doing some dramatic line readings, arched eyebrows to the camera, glamorous tartan-wearing, and ribbing on the celebs' reality TV pasts.

Other than that, there's a lot that's similar to the UK version. It's set in a Scottish castle, there are three Traitors to start with, and there are tasks the contestants must complete if they want to add to the potential grand total ($250,000 in this case).

the traitors, alan cumming
Peacock - NBC Universal

This season has already been filmed, so they won't be able to heed the advice of the contestants of the first British series that wrapped up just before Christmas.

"Just don't have a game plan, because it changes every day. Always be open to your best mate being a Traitor," said Hannah, one of the three winners.

It may be too late for the US lot, but it might come in useful for anyone reading who wants to apply for a not-yet-announced-but-surely-happening second UK series...

The Traitors US drops on Peacock on January 16.

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