The Traitors: Who is Harry Clark's girlfriend Anna Maynard?

Harry Clark in The Traitors

Harry Clark has made quite the impression after joining season two of The Traitors. Hailed as 'the greatest player ever', the 22-year-old has even surprised his girlfriend – influencer Anna Maynard – with his antics on the show.

Following Harry's betrayal of Paul, Anna joked that she was "putting him up for sale" after seeing how "unloyal" and "dishonest" he'd been. Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "I think we should debrief on that episode, don't you? Erm, if anyone wants an unfaithful, unloyal, dishonest, a traitor as a boyfriend, be my guest.

Harry Clark has been hailed as 'the greatest player ever'
Harry Clark has been hailed as 'the greatest player ever' (Studio Lambert)

"I'm putting him up for sale. I don't need that energy in my life, like, this whole thing, my perception has just changed. I'm sure there will be lots of you, I'm sure."

No stranger to the world of reality TV, Anna herself has appeared on our screens before, presenting CBBC's Got What It Takes. And she's also got two famous brothers. Want to learn more? Keep reading…

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Meet Harry Clark's girlfriend Anna Maynard

Recognised for her presenting gig on CBBC, Anna also boasts an impressive following, with 151k followers on Instagram, not to mention 325k subscribers on YouTube. The 23-year-old, who's based in Brighton, has famous relatives too. Among them, are brothers Conor and Jack Maynard.

Anna Maynard at an STK event in January 2024.
Anna Maynard is a former CBBC presenter and influencer (Getty)

An established singer, Conor, 31, has released three albums, and he's also had a stint on Broadway, playing the lead role in Kinky Boots from 2018 to 2019. The 31-year-old is also known to release covers on his YouTube channel, and he's even roped Anna in for a performance or two.

Conor Maynard attending an exclusive launch party hosted by Ixchel
Anna's oldest brother is singer Conor Maynard (Getty)

Meanwhile, Jack, 29, is a full-time entertainer and content creator, who appeared on the 2017 series of I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

In the past, Anna has joked about what it's like growing up with two famous brothers. Posting on Instagram in May, she quipped that being Conor Maynard's sister has become her "personality trait at this point." Nonetheless, Anna's determined to chart her own course, regardless of family relations.

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When did Harry Clark and Anna Maynard start dating?

The couple got together in April 2022, and they've been going strong ever since.

Opening up about their relationship in January 2023, Anna revealed that they'd first met in a nightclub. "I feel like you always meet people when you're least expecting it," she said, explaining that she wasn't "in a position to consider having a boyfriend," at the time.

Following their fortuitous meeting, the pair have since travelled extensively together, with Anna calling Harry "the one."