The Traitors: fans in an uproar over episode 10’s major plot twists

Betrayal! After becoming a firm fan favourite on The Traitor thanks to her unswerving devotion to being an absolutely ruthless 'traitor', Amanda has finally been outed. Her fellow traitor Wilfred was integral in stoking the flames of suspicion, turning the group of 'faithfuls' against her.

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In the episode, Wilf admitted that he no longer trusted Amanda and believed that she was going to try and have him voted out, and so drew on his friends to cast doubt on her. During the roundtable, four people voted for Amanda to leave - including Wilf - leaving him as the lone traitor.

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Fans were unsurprisingly in an uproar, with one tweeting: "19 years ago today Michelle McManus won Pop Idol. In 19 years from now we’ll remember this day as the day Amanda was banished from #TheTraitors," while another person added: "Sorry Wilf I don’t care about your Billy Blliot story when you’re snaking our Amanda."

Explaining his thought process to presenter Claudia Winkleman, he explained: "I don’t trust her. I just kept thinking and thinking, I haven’t built any relationship with her," before bursting into tears.


Amanda was voted out 

Comforting him, Claudia said: "Will, you’re playing a blinder. You’ve come in here to win the money. I know you feel heartbroken but you are smashing it Will."  

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She continued: "I imagine it’s really lonely being the only traitor. So you have the last chance to recruit," to which Wilf replied: "I need somebody that I can trust, who I feel that I have a connection with."


Who do you think will win?

The show revealed yet another plot twist, as Wilf was given the option of selecting another contestant to recruit as a traitor. He chose Kieran to give an ultimatum to - either join him as a fellow traitor, or be murdered. What will Kieran decide to do?

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