This Trader Joe's Bakery Item Sold Out In 2 Weeks Last Year—Now It's Back

Get your "purse fork" ready.

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Trader Joes

Trader Joe's has become the go-to destination for tasty treats. Some of its recent offerings include those Brookie Caramel Candy Clusters, which everyone called "dangerously good," and the Raspberry Mousse Cakes that made customers do a "happy dance."

Last summer, Trader Joe's customers deemed the Chantilly Cream Vanilla Bean Mini Sheet Cake the "best cake" and one that was "sent straight from heaven."

Now, there's another sheet cake making a return that shoppers can't wait to get their hands on again—if they can.

Trader Joe’s Mini Lemon Sheet Cake Is Back

Trader Joe's recently brought back its popular Mini Lemon Sheet Cake for a limited time. Thanks to the sour cream base, the cake is super light but indulgent. Plus, it's stackable, so it's great for entertaining when you need a layer cake on the fly.

If you need another reason to pick up this returning sheet cake, it will only cost you $5.49. For a cake that's just a little over a pound, this is a price you can't be mad about.

These cakes generate a lot of buzz online and even come with a clever hack dubbed the "purse fork" technique (discussed on TJ's latest podcast episode), where people bring a fork to the store to eat the cake on the go.

Instagram's trader_joes_treasure_hunt recently posted about Trader Joe's Lemon Mini Sheet Cake, describing it as a "moist, flavorful lemon cake topped with lemon cream cheese frosting & sprinkled with lemon zest."

Many commenters quickly added their thoughts: "I'm in trouble!!" and "Ohhhh I need this!"

The original post also states, "Don't forget your free purse fork at checkout," and explains that the store has disposable wooden packaged silverware. "Ask a crew member at your store for one."

Over on Reddit, there is a thread dedicated to the return of the Lemon Mini Sheet Cake, with many commenters expressing excitement: "I hope I get a chance to try it this year" and "Going tomorrow! I never got to try any when it was last here."

Last year, the Lemon Sheet Cake sold out in two weeks. So if you're looking to try it this time around, we recommend heading over there quickly and grabbing one (or two) while you can.

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