TOWIE star Maria Fowler reveals new hayfever medication she swears by - 'It 100% works!'

Maria Fowler has shared a new remedy for hayfever, which she says works 100%. Taking to Instagram, the former TOWIE star, 37, shared a snap of her television as she shared that she had been for an anti-hayfever injection.

She wrote: "Good evening! Hope you're all well, today I went for my Hayfever injection and if anyone's unsure about this I can confirm it 100% works!

"I get Hayfever so bad to the point where I have to go to bed because my symptoms are making me so ill [laughing emoji]."

According to the NHS website 'if steroids and other hay fever treatments do not work, the GP may refer you for immunotherapy.'

This means you'll be given small amounts of pollen as an injection or tablet to slowly build up your immunity to pollen. This kind of treatment usually starts a few months before the hay fever season begins.

Maria Fowler has shared that her new Hayfever treatment
Maria Fowler has shared that her new Hayfever treatment -Credit:Instagram/Maria Fowler

The star then explained the snap of her TV, writing: "We promised the girls some Britain's Got Talent before bed tonight as we haven't even seen any of it yet and heard great things!!"

Since leaving TOWIE in 2011, Maria has gone on two welcome two daughters, Evie and Nellie, with husband Kelvin Batey. She has also left Essex and relocated to Derbyshire.

Back in 2018, she opened up about suffering from mental ill-health, sharing that a few years prior she had been hospitalised following an overdose. She wrote: "It’s so sad to see people losing loved ones due to mental health issues. There is help out there.

“5 years ago this week I was in hospital after taking an overdose... And now look. JUST LOOK! Life does get better. I promise , it should NEVER be end. There is always a way out."

Maria Fowler
Since leaving TOWIE after the first three seasons, Maria has gone on to welcome two daughters -Credit:instagram/MariaFowler

Alongside her words, Maria shared three pictures; of her one-year-old daughter Evie and a cute family snap with her fiancé Kelvin Batey. A third picture showed her engagement ring from Kelvin after their December 2017 engagement, alongside a padlock the pair had engraved.

She continued to say in her Tweets: "I honestly believed there was no possible way I could turn my life around, I was in a relationship with a mentally abusive drug addict , had no confidence to move on & had nothing...

"When I was in hospital I realised things had to change, and took steps to get help and turn my life around. It seems so hard at first but honestly things do get better."

Maria Fowler
Although she has largely stepped away from the limelight, Maria has continued to share her life with her fans -Credit:instagram/MariaFowler

And a couple of years ago, Maria was praised by fans for candidly showing how influencers edit their picture perfect Instagram snaps. Speaking over the clip showing her tweaking a snap of herself, she explained: "I’m gonna edit one of my pictures."

After detailing the process, which saw her edit both her physical appearance and the clothes she said it was “crazy” how much could be altered using the app, such as removing moles from her body, as she confessed: "This is something I would have done a couple of years ago."

She then urged her followers: "I just really hope this shows you girls that what you look at on Instagram isn’t real life and never, ever yourself with what you see."