The touching stories that show how Princess Diana made her super fans feel special

It's been over 20 years since Princess Diana's untimely death at the age of 36.

But, the late royal still has numerous fans globally - some incredibly dedicated.

Three different sets of super fans speak to Yahoo UK's The Royal Story about why they love the Royal Family and their memories of the Princess of Wales.

The first, Margaret Tyler, aka Britain's 'loyalist royalist', has met a number of senior members of the Royal Family and collected royal artefacts for many years. Her collection now takes up the majority of space in her home - but that doesn't stop her shopping. She even has one bedroom dedicated to Princess Diana.

The second, Abdul Daqud, is the proud owner of 'Café Diana': an eatery in Kensington named after the Princess of Wales. Abdul's cafe walls are filled with images of the late royal and was visited by Diana once, who ordered a cappuccino.

The Diana Club also features. The organisation, which is based in Germany but enjoys an annual meet-up in London, has been going for over 21 years. The youngest member is 26 and the oldest is 72.