Totino’s Is Finally Releasing a Fan-Requested Flavor

Get ready to burn the roof of your mouth in the best way.



There’s no denying that Totino’s Pizza Rolls are some of the best things ever invented. The bite-sized pizza pockets make the perfect after-school or after-work snack and are always a hit at parties. What’s not to love about the perfectly golden pizza rolls filled with sauce, cheese, and your favorite pizza toppings (besides maybe the fact that you burn the roof of your mouth every time you eat them)? Obviously, we will never learn—but even that’s part of their charm.

Totino’s beloved Pizza Rolls are available in most of your favorite pizza flavors, and even some non-pizza snacking innovations. In 2022, Totino’s introduced Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls, then last year the brand rolled out Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls.

However, even with all the new products thinking outside the pizza box, Totino’s has never ventured where its fans have been begging it to go: into the breakfast aisle.

Totino’s fans have been on to something for years. If you’ve never had a breakfast pizza topped with sausage or bacon, cheese, and scrambled eggs, you’re truly missing out. So a breakfast pizza roll would be the perfect easy meal to start your day.

Even Totino’s social media accounts have agreed the brand needs to release a breakfast pizza roll. And, now, after years of fans asking, Totino’s is finally listening and launching three all-new Breakfast Snack Bites.

Totino's Launches New Breakfast Snack Bites

Totino’s new Breakfast Snack Bites are available in Pork Shoulder Bacon & Cheese Scramble, with bacon and cheese wrapped in crust; Sausage & Cheese Scramble, with sausage and cheese wrapped in crust; and Cheesy Chorizo Scramble, with smoky chorizo crumbles and cheese wrapped in crust. The breakfast bites only take two minutes to heat in the microwave, making them even quicker than toasting a bagel or making an omelet.



The new breakfast pizza rolls will have a phased rollout over the next few months. They’re hitting shelves at select grocery stores now, but they’ll fully roll out to Walmart and Kroger stores nationwide later this summer.

When you’re in the grocery store, it might be a bit of a treasure hunt to find the Breakfast Snack Bites. Some stores might stock them in the frozen breakfast aisle, while some might keep them next to the regular Totino’s Pizza Rolls in the frozen snacks aisle. However, fans been waiting for these for so long that we think they'll agree a few extra moments of searching in the store is absolutely worth it.

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