Topshop has made this crucial change to its bestselling jeans due to Twitter demand

Photo credit: Topshop
Photo credit: Topshop

From Harper's BAZAAR

If you ever needed proof that what you share on social media does get heard, then this is it. Topshop has re-released its popular Joni jeans with one crucial difference thanks to demand on Twitter: added belt loops.

The retailer made the addition after fans of the brand continuously took to social media to complain about the style.

"For the love of all that is holy, can Joni jeans please have belt loops!" wrote Emma Donaldson, while Georgia Dean Tweeted: "I speak for tall, regular and petite gals - we all want it."

Topshop confirmed via email and on social media that the new version of the Joni jeans with those all-important belt loops is available to shop now, saying: "You talked, we listened."

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Photo credit: Topshop
Photo credit: Topshop


The £36 style is currently only available in black with belt loops, while the regular loop-less version comes in several different washes.

Naturally, the news went down well on Twitter.

"Finally Joni Topshop jeans have belt loops, this is big #ifyouknowyouknow" wrote Gracie, while Laura Tweeted: "Today is a good day".

Topshop previously launched the style with belt loops back in 2017, but it was discontinued. All hail the power of social media.

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