The top-rated snow shovel you'll be glad you purchased

Anya Meyerowitz
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Woman shovels snow from her driveway [Photo: Getty]
Woman shovels snow from her driveway [Photo: Getty]

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Snow, when you’re a child, feels magical, snow as an adult feels stressful (although we do sometimes still enjoy the odd snowball fight).

Suddenly, on top of everything else on your morning to-do list, you also have to find time to shovel the driveway to get the car out - and it can be quite the workout. Especially if you’ve bee caught off-guard and are attempting to use unsuitable household items to get the job done.

Yes, we’ve all been there, and all regretted not investing in a suitable snow-shovelling product.

So, with snowfall currently in several regions of the UK, including Scotland, Wales and parts of northern England, it’s better to be safe than sorry and snap one up just in case.

Don’t want to spend a small fortune?

Amazon’s top-rated Bulldog Snow Shovel is lightweight, durable and is built with a long handle to allow maximum ease when maneuvering. It’s also only £16.

Buy it: Bulldog Snow Shovel | £16 from Amazon

The shovel is used by people around the world, some who live in constant, heavy snow, and so a bit of British powder doesn’t stand a chance.

“Where I live we get feet of snow, not inches, and a decent snow shovel is essential. Years of use eventually destroyed my previous tool, and liking the look of this shovel I ordered one,” one snowed-in shopper commented. “For the price, I think this is a very fine snow shovel, and I doubt that a better one is available.”

Another raved: “Bought after a heavy downfall of small a couple of years ago... [it cleared] a path in moments from the front door to the path - it was so much faster, removing a large amount of snow, and so much easier to use than a regular shovel - probably 10 times faster, and well made too.”

Or if you’re on the lookout for an emergency shovel that you can keep in your car and use when out and about, then this AA Car Essentials Emergency Snow Shovel is perfect.

AA Car Essentials Emergency Snow Shovel | £9.13 from Amazon

It’s light, it’s compact and it folds away so doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to clear out the junk in your boot, or your footwell!

Sounds like a snow brainer to us!

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