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This cost-effective air fryer with rave reviews currently has £70 off

This clever multitasker boasts eight functions and multiple four- and five-star reviews.

Save £70 off this top-rated Instant dual air fryer. (Instant / Yahoo Life UK)
Save £70 off this top-rated Instant dual air fryer. (Instant / Yahoo Life UK)

Air fryers have surged in popularity due to the cost of living crisis, helping people to lower their energy bill, as well as cook healthier meals in half the time.

If you're yet to invest in the latest cookware craze, now may be the time to do so as there are some great deals around in the spring sales such as Lakeland offering £70 off the Instant Vortex Plus Dual Drawer Airfryer, down from £219.99 to £149.99.

According to energy company Utilita, on average an air fryer will set you back as little as 17p a day, compared to an electric cooker, which costs around 87p a day. It's no wonder that it's estimated that four in 10 adults in the UK have now swapped their ovens for air fryers.

Why we rate it

This incredible multitasker offers eight functions in one relatively small piece of kit. The versatile gadget air fries, bakes, grills, roasts, dehydrates and reheats.

Each 3.8 litre basket can be programmed to its own temperature, meaning you can cook at different temperatures at the same time and finish their cooking cycles at different time.

However, there is also SyncCook mode, which means you can apply the same settings for both of the baskets. So, no more having to multitask and keep your eye on the clock during dinner time.

Another thing we love is the ClearCook windows with lights, so you can check out the progress of your cooking without having to open the doors.

There’s a progress bar too, so you can easily see where your food is at during the cooking cycle.

It has two 3.8 litre drawers that can cook separately or simultaneously according to your needs. (Instant)
It features see-through cooking windows and a easy-to-use control panel. (Instant)
This 8-in-1 multi-tasker saves you time, money and cooks healthier food, too. (Lakeland)
This 8-in-1 multi-tasker saves you time, money and cooks healthier food, too. (Instant / Lakeland)

£149.99 £219.99 at Lakeland

Of course, we can’t forget the health factor – this uses 95% less oil than deep-fat frying – and who can say no to guilt-free fries? It utilises EvenCrisp air flow technology so your kitchen creations will end up crisp and tender, without needing to be saturated in oil.

As for ease of use? The Instant Vortex Plus Dual Air Fryer is user-friendly, so you don't have to worry about being a tech genius to work it.

It has a simple dial control so you can easily select your desired cooking time and temperature. There’s a touchscreen display, too, so you can choose between the cooking functions.

And to make it pretty much foolproof, very simple step-by-step instructions are displayed while your food is being cooked. The air fryer also comes with Lakeland's three year guarantee, which is always peace of mind.

What the reviews say

It has rave reviews across the board, with all ratings being either four or five stars. People love its ease-of-use, the fact it’s pretty hard to get anything wrong, the reduction in their gas bills, and that it makes your oven (almost) obsolete.

  • “As an avowed technophobe, I held off buying an air fryer for two years. I finally bought this product 2 months ago and quite simply, it’s been a revelation and the best purchase I've ever made. It looks good, is simple to use and it's SO EASY to clean. It's halved the cooking time of most items. It's brilliant for producing crispy food and I just love how it turns itself off at the pre-determined time so making it virtually impossible to burn anything. I haven't used my oven once since buying this and I have already seen a reduction in my gas bills. I would recommend this to anybody.”

  • "Been looking for a dual drawer air fryer for ages, read every review for every fryer twice, this kept coming top of the list..I opted for the vortex from Lakeland 1.Price. 2. Lakeland has second to none customer services, 3. Size. smaller than an average size microwave, delivery fast, this fryer so far is perfect only con I’d say is no recipe book but I have joined a instant vortex plus group for ideas."

  • “Top quality, easy to use and a healthy cooking option to boot. Worth every penny, with loads of functions not available on other brands and top quality support from the manufacturers and Lakeland alike.”

  • “Had this product about three weeks and love it and have barely used my oven since purchasing. There are just the two of us and it's perfect for small quantities, also I love the fact it comes with a three year Lakeland guarantee."

  • “I've had this about three weeks, and it's my first adventure into the air fryer world. It is the most incredible bit of kit and I just don't know why I took so long to purchase one. It's so easy to use and I'm literally just guessing at cooking times and temps and I've yet to go wrong. I've only used my oven once since buying this and everything I cook seems to be better than it ever was in the oven. Blown away by this, honestly.”

  • “I love this air fryer. I can’t remember the last time I used my cooker! You can adapt so much food items to use it. I like that you can see into the drawers whilst cooking. Also you can use the two sections independently or synchronised your menus.”

Buy it now: Instant Vortex Plus Dual Drawer Airfryer with ClearCook | £149.99 (Was £219.99) from Lakeland

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