Top baby names of 2010 revealed

Orlando Parfitt
Yahoo Lifestyle
28 July 2011

Oliver and Olivia are still the most popular baby names in England and Wales, according to the latest figures.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published its annual survey of naming habits today. It reveals that from 723,165 live births in England and Wales last year, 8,427 baby boys were named Oliver and 5,279 girls called Olivia.

Oliver knocked Jack off the top spot in 2009, while Olivia has been top of the girl’s list four years in a row.

The 2010 boy’s top five was mostly unchanged, with Charlie the only new addition. It joined Jack, Harry and Alfie.

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There was more movement in the girl’s top five, with Sophie now the number two name. It replaced Ruby, which dropped down to seventh this year. Lilly and Amelia also made the five for the first time.

There were three versions of ‘Mohammed’ in the boy’s top 100. If these were combined, it would have been the fourth most popular name in England and Wales.

The highest riser in the lad’s top 100 was, unsurprisingly, Ollie, which rose a whopping 52 places to number 63. Kai, the name of Wayne Rooney’s son, also climbed steeply, from 68 to 56.

Maisy also had a surge in popularity, rising 41 places to just make the girl’s top 100. The very similar Maisie also gained popularity, as did Lacey, jumping 20 and 31 places respectively.

Some new entries in the top 100s included Eliza and Maryam for girls, and Jenson, Caleb and Dexter for the boys.

Aiden meanwhile became less popular, sliding 13 places to number 98. For girls Libby lost ground, falling 20 places to number 93.

Here are the full top tens:


1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Harry
4. Alfie
5. Charlie
6. Thomas
7. William
8. Joshua
9. George
10. James


1. Olivia
2. Sophie
3. Emily
4. Lily
5. Amelia
6. Jessica
7. Ruby
8. Chloe
9. Grace
10. Evie

Check out all the data at the ONS site at

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