The top 5 wallpaper trends of 2024 so far

a kitchen with a window and woodland floral wallpaper
Top 5 wallpaper trends of 2024Lime Lace

Regencycore, biophilic design and large-scale ceiling murals are among the most popular wallpaper trends for 2024. Whether you’re looking to wallpaper a small area – such as your downstairs bathroom – or a larger living space, wallpaper is a surefire way to express your personality through colour and pattern. We speak to the experts about the biggest wallpaper trends that have emerged this year.

1. Biophilic design

a room full of green patterned wallpaper and sofas and seats in the same pattern

Perhaps the biggest wallpaper trend experts report having noticed in 2024 thus far is a nod towards biophilic design. Chloe Vince, decorating consultancy sales executive at House of Hackney, tells House Beautiful: 'The desire to bring nature indoors continues to strengthen, with people looking to incorporate archival foliage wallpaper prints into their schemes. I think the return to archival prints with nature as its focus will continue to be at the core of design in 2024.'

James Greenwood, interior expert at Graham & Brown agrees, explaining that customers are largely opting for nature-inspired wallpaper colours. 'Our main colour palette for 2024 remains to be bold blues and enchanting emerald tones,' he says.

The desire towards biophilic-inspired wallpaper isn’t only becoming apparent in colour choices though, says Anne Haimes, design director and founder of Anne Haimes Interiors. 'There's certainly a growing preference for organic and textured patterns, such as botanical prints, natural landscapes and hand-drawn illustrations. Biophilic design has long been a popular trend across all elements of interior design, so it’s no surprise people are seeking wallpapers that invoke that sense of calm and connection to the environment,' she tells us.

2. Luxe Regencycore

a chair and coat rack in front of geometric wallpaper

Bridgerton is back on our screens, so it’s little wonder that the glamorous and oh-so-luxurious interiors we see in the homes of the Bridgertons, Featheringtons and Queen Charlotte are inspiring our real-life wallpaper choices.

'Making a resurgence this year, thanks to the Regencycore revival on our screens from Bridgerton, toil, baroque and damasks have seen a rise in popularity, with luxurious finishes such as flock & bead embellishments seeing the largest increase,' explains James.

While these wallpaper styles certainly wouldn't look out of place in a stately property, they can add a serious touch of sophistication to our homes too, and would look just as beautiful in a traditional cottage as it would in a contemporary home.

TIP: Think about using wallpaper creatively: from papering inside bookshelves and cupboards to adding visual interest to plain furniture, as well as lining drawers, wardrobe panels and the front facings of staircases.

3. Whimsical English garden-style

a kitchen with a window and woodland floral wallpaper

As an extension to the traditionally luxe and strikingly British Bridgerton-style patterns that are trending in 2024, experts are also predicting a rise in wallpaper inspired by English country gardens.

'More than traditional flower prints, tree themes and English gardens seem to be a much more popular choice this year,' says Anne. James agrees, noting that more toned-down natural prints are proving to be more in demand than quirkier options.

'A larger shift in design style we have seen is home decorators shifting from tropical designs to more traditional treescapes, as predicted by our 2024 Design of the Year, New Eden,' he says.

4. Sustainable credentials

a lamp on a wall

Many of us are making efforts to be more environmentally conscious in our home design, and according to the experts, that is also becoming apparent in our wall decorating choices.

'There has been a big shift in interiors with people looking for more sustainable alternatives to the traditional methods of decorating, whether it be through plant-based paints or alternative wallpaper substrates,' says Chloe.

5. Large scale ceiling murals

a ceiling with floral wallpaper

Not a new trend but wallpapering the fifth wall looks to be gaining even more popularity – and for 2024 there's a pivot towards large-scale murals.

'I think one of the biggest trends we’ll see more of is having wallpaper featured in unexpected places,' says Anne. 'For example, colour blocking has been a huge trend over the last few years, with people bringing paint up and onto their ceilings. And this is something we can expect to see transition to dramatic ceiling murals without the cost and effort of having to paint them, and instead wallpapering them!'

Why is this proving popular? 'The appeal of wallpapered ceilings really comes from adding a touch of whimsy to our interiors,' Anne explains. 'It creates a unique focal point that not only adds character but also makes rooms feel more intimate and personalised.'

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