This £8 tool will easily get the gunk out of blocked plugholes

This £8 tool will easily get all the gunk out of blocked plugholes. (Getty Images)
This £8 tool will easily get all the gunk out of blocked plugholes. (Getty Images)

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Knowing how to unblock a sink properly is not only satisfying, but could also save you a lot of time, money and fuss down the line.

If you thought you needed to get the chemical cleaners out to tackle the problem, think again.

Whether your kitchen sink is blocked and full of water, or your bathroom sink is blocked with hair and soap scrum, you can unclog a sink naturally, without a plunger, using this handy £8 gadget from Lakeland.

The Drain Weasel 2 Disposable Plughole Cleaning Brushes has amazed shoppers with what it has managed to bring up from their drains, proving that - even if you don't think you've got a problem, that doesn't mean there isn't one building up out of sight.

Why we rate it:

It's brilliant for anyone who is trying to cut down on the amount of chemicals they use, as the gadget is able to remove hair and soapy build-up easily without any cleaning solutions.

Plus, the micro-hooks are super effective at catching hold of pesky hidden hairs and pulling them out in one easy step.

What the reviews say:

  • "At my wits end and then I tried this. Well - problem solved. Matted hair and gunk removed effortlessly from my bathroom sink. Water flowing freely again. What a result!"

  • "This was easy to use. Nothing seemed to come off on it when I pulled it out but I think this is because we are very careful with not allowing hair to go down the plughole. Definitely worth having in case of emergencies or if you think there is hair and gunk down there as at least you can check and eliminate that as a cause, before calling a plumber."

  • "The two 'disposable' brushes, are probably enough for several uses, you would not need to actually dispose of them as far as I can see."

  • "Certainly cleans plug holes of hair and debris, you will be amazed with what it finds."

  • "This really is a brilliant product. I didn't think my plughole was blocked till I used the weasel and noticed the difference."

Buy it: The Drain Weasel 2 Disposable Plughole Cleaning Brushes | £8.99 from Lakeland

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