Tony Christie vows to keep working despite dementia diagnosis

Tony Christie has spoken out about his dementia diagnosis and called music his 'therapy' as he vowed to keep working.

Video transcript

TONY CHRISTIE: I used to go through two or three crosswords a day, you know. Then suddenly I said, this-- what's happened to me? I don't know what's happening.

So she said, well, let's go and get check. And they said, you've got the oncoming of-- I just said insomnia then.

- That was last night.

TONY CHRISTIE: That was-- that was last night. That was two years ago.

- What was that feeling like when they said dementia? Because it can feel overwhelming for you, for the people around you. But it feels like you've got your head around it and are looking forward to the future.

TONY CHRISTIE: Yeah, I just-- I ignored it. I just said, carry on. And I just did carry on and worked. And the main thing was-- why I have come out about it-- is a lot of people-- I've met a lot of people who have got it and they're worried about it. And I'm not worried about it.

I'm just-- went to specialists and they gave me tablets and they gradually worked. And the advice to people who are worried about it is to go and see a specialist and get on tablets. And I've got a feeling that within a few years, there will be tablets that will cure it.