Tokyo taxi company offers Halloween rides with ghost girl from The Ring

S.Ride/Cover Images

A Tokyo cab company is offering rides with the ghost girl from The Ring to celebrate Halloween.

Taxi-hailing app S.Ride is offering trips featuring the character Sadako from the bone-chilling Japanese film Ringu, which was released in 1998.

The horror movie got an American remake in 2002 with the eerie character being known as Samara in the U.S. version.

"Please enjoy the new-sensation taxi in which you can experience the world of Sadako before and during your ride," states S.Ride.

If you are brave enough to hail a Sadako Taxi, as they are known, the experience begins the moment you make your pickup request. The app will show images of Sadako and the message: "I think she's coming."

Once the taxi arrives, users will see the eerie character on the car's outward-facing digital signage, on the rear door. Inside, riders can take the risk and use the AR feature on the ride-hailing app to see her coming out of the screen behind the driver's seat.

Since Sadako would very much like to have you as a victim, she wants to make sure you make it soundly to your destination before coming for you - that's why she also appears on a seasonal safety video shown in the car's display.

For those who simply say "nope" to a Sadako Taxi, don't worry; this is an entirely optional service. They are limited to 50 cabs in Tokyo and the campaign will run from 24 October to 6 November.