Toby's sister is trolling him on TikTok after Love Island drama

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A lot has happened in the Love Island villa in the last few days. From the Liam and Millie saga to Kaz's iconic recoupling wink, it's been a dramatic time. But there's one Love Island commentator whose opinion we value above all else - Toby Aromolaran's sister Shauna, who recently called her brother out on TikTok for that constantly turning head.

It's no surprise that Shauna decided to put her brother in his place, since Toby has been getting himself into all sorts of trouble of late. Be warned, this is all a bit complicated. First off Toby was interested in Chloe Burrows, before coupling up with then new girl Abi Rawlings. Next up, Toby headed into Casa Amor where he decided he was quite into new Islander Mary Bedford and returned to the main villa with her. However, Toby stated he still wanted to get to know Abi, but fans also think he may have done bits with Mary in what was his and Abi's bed. Oh, don't worry, it gets worse.

Having put the cat among the pigeons (the perfect phrase, right?) Toby then decided that actually he was still quite into former flame Chloe Burrows. Because, of course! At which point Chloe ends things with love interest Dale Mehmet and Chloe and Toby promptly couple up.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

While we at home are obviously loving the drama, we're also pretty amazed at Toby's propensity for pure scandal and his mind-changing antics. And, we aren't the only ones who can't keep up. Taking to TikTok in what is her only post so far (I mean, did she make the account to troll her brother?) Toby's sister Shauna Aromolaran called him out for his recent antics, captioning the video, "My brothers [sic] at it again".

Lipsyncing to the viral #whyyouactlikethat sound Shauna posed in front of a picture of her brother, saying, "You’re p***ing me off for real. Why do you act like that? ... The way that you act, you don’t see how you act is why people don’t want to be around you? ... Look at how you act."

Maybe Shauna could pop into the villa to give Toby a bit of a talking to?

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