Toblerone launches orange-flavoured bar – and it's available now in Tesco

"Penrith, Australia - February 25, 2011:  100g Toblerone chocolate bar (2155kj) containing honey and almond nougat, cristpy rice and chocolate, made in Switzerland for Kraft Foods.  Packaging at rear with pieces of the chocolate bar in focus in the foreground.  Photographed in studio on white background."
A citrus twist has been added to a new edition of Toblerone, made by Mondelez International (Getty Images)

Orange is the new chocolate. Well, at least according to Toblerone; a citrus edition of the popular bar is already on sale in UK supermarkets.

Zesty orange and creamy chocolate is a divisive flavour combination, causing some to recoil while others can’t get enough.

But citrus appears to be the new chocolate trend, with Toblerone following in the footsteps of Cadbury’s Buttons, Fingers and Twirl, which have all had orange-flavoured editions.

The new bar boasts the traditional Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat, but this time it also has added candied orange peel and ginger.

The new flavour is now available in Tesco stores, where the 360g bar is on offer until 8 September, reduced from £4.50 to £4.

It will be available to buy at other retailers in the weeks to come.

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Instagram users were informed of this new culinary delight by a post from Newfoodsuk which read: ‘Orange Twist Toblerone at Tesco! Yes, another orange product, however, we do love orange flavoured chocolate, so win win!!’ (sic)

The post has received more than 6,000 likes with ecstatic chocolate fans making their elation known.

One wrote: “NEED - add this to our list. The orange quest continues....”

Another said: “oh my good god!!! I absolutely 100% need this!!!!” (sic)

Created in 1908, Toblerone is well over 100 years old.

Its name is actually a play on words with the founder’s family name - Tobler - and the Italian word for honey and almond nougat: torrone.

Confectionary giant Mondelez International, who created the chocolate bar, credits its success with its recognisable shape, which was inspired by the company founder’s mountainous homeland.