Toblerone Fans Are Only Just Discovering That There's A Hidden Image In The Brand's Logo

We’ve scoffed many a Toblerone in our time, but never – and I repeat never – have we noticed the image hidden within the logo.

After giving her 10-year-old son his first Toblerone bar, Stephanie was perplexed when he asked: “What’s the bear for?”

“What bear?” she replied. Like us, Stephanie was today years old when she found out there’s a bear featured in the Toblerone logo.

When you take a closer look (or, perhaps, don’t rip into the chocolate quicker than you can get through Duty Free), you’ll spot the outline of a bear hidden within the Swiss mountain logo.

It all starts to make sense when you realise that Toblerone – the beloved prism-shaped chocolate filled with pieces of almond and honey nougat – is produced in Bern, Switzerland, which is known as the city of bears. Turns out you do learn something new every day.

Fellow Toblerone fans were quick to comment on the discovery, with one writing: "I’d never seen it. An unexpected Christmas present. Thanks!" and another adding: "I have eaten these as my biggest chocolate treat since I was 8 and I am 53 now - amazing kid - never noticed it!"

But it was this comment that summed up our thoughts: "omg a bear! Clearly my priorities have been elsewhere always." Quite right.

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