Tinie Tempah proud of royal endorsement

Tinie Tempah thinks it is “incredible” that he’s regarded as the royal family’s favourite rapper.

The 34-year-old musician has no idea why he’s so popular with the likes of Princes William and Harry, but he’s very “flattered” if that’s the truth.

Asked about reports he is the royals’ favourite rapper, he said: “I read that! God knows how that’s a thing.

“I’ve done a couple of performances where certain members of the royal family have been present – Prince William, Prince Harry, and the late Queen – which is one of the most flattering things in the world.

“For them to say I’m their favourite rapper is incredible.”

After over a decade in the spotlight, Tinie’s favourite memory is of his first ever Glastonbury festival.

He said in a recent interview: “I went out on the Pyramid Stage with Snoop Dogg in 2010 and I remember this whole new world opening up to me.

“I’m a council estate kid from south east London, so growing up I wasn’t really exposed to festival life.”

The ‘Written in the Stars’ hitmaker also recalled how well he “connected” with Cheryl Tweedy when they collaborated on her 2014 single ‘Crazy Stupid Love’.

He said: “Cheryl was the sweetheart of England at the time, she could do no wrong. Everyone loves Chezza!

“We could relate to each other being artists who’d come from humble beginnings.

“There’s a reason we connected so well.

“So she was willing to do the record and I quite liked the record, so we did it. And it went to number one.”