Tinie Tempah reveals anger over 'disgusting' and 'dirty' British Airways plane seat

Tinie Tempah shared his annoyance at finding his British Airways plane seat "dirty" [Image: Getty]
Tinie Tempah shared his annoyance at finding his British Airways plane seat "dirty" [Image: Getty]

Tinie Tempah has criticised British Airways over a “dirty” and “disgusting” plane seat he was given on a flight this week.

In two videos shared to Twitter, the rapper, 31, revealed how he had been wiping down surfaces on the aircraft “because of coronavirus” when he had noticed a series of stains.

The star filmed what appeared to be crumbs rubbed into the chair, as well as a pillow seemingly marked with spilt red wine.

Speaking to his 1.7 million followers in the first clip, he could be heard saying: “I'm wiping down this aircraft now 'cos of coronavirus but quick question though - BA why are your planes always so dirty?”

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Zooming in, Tinie - whose real name Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu Jr - added: “What's this about?

“How can mans spend so much money on a ticket and the seats are always so dirty.”

In another clip, he said: “Look at this man. It's f***ing nasty. Sort it out BA man.

Many of his fans rushed to support him after he shared his annoyance online.

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One person wrote: “That is disgusting!!”

Another commented: “Oh God. That's bad!”

A third, who appeared to be a flight attendant for the company, shared: “I’m sorry about your dirty seat, I was working on your flight back from Saudi today, I hope the service made up for it!!”

British Airways responded to him on social media asking for more information so they could investigate.

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In a statement to Yahoo Style UK, they said: “Our customers rightly expect our aircraft to be clean and we insist on very high standards of cleanliness.

“Our long-haul aircraft receive a thorough clean after every flight.

“This includes cleaning of seats, seat pockets, tray tables, galleys, toilets, floors and the aircraft interior generally.”

It comes as experts have been recommending measures people can take to avoid contracting coronavirus.

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There is no “set” treatment, so officials are urging the public to wash their hands regularly in order to prevent its spread.

Soap and water should be the go-to, over sanitiser, but cleaning hands thoroughly will only go so far if they stay wet.

Explaining in The Conversation why it is so important to dry your hands too, scientists from Swansea University said: “Hand drying not only removes moisture from the hands but it also involves friction, which further reduces the microbial load and the environmental transfer of microorganisms.

“The transmission of microbes is [also] more likely to occur from wet skin than dry skin.”