Tinder has revealed the UK's most right-swiped names

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When setting up a profile on Tinder, there are certain things that (most) people know not to do: no shirtless pictures, no ‘ironic’ fedoras and don’t have a photo with your ex-boyfriend in it.

Some factors to your success, however, are out of your control – a big one being your name.

Tinder has revealed that your name can, in fact, give you a head start in dating (or that people with certain names just happen to be very attractive) as they’ve revealed the most swiped right names in the UK.

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If your name is Amelia, you must have a lot of fortune on the Tinder scene, as this is the most-swiped female name on the dating app.

And perhaps people are after someone a little royal sounding, as Harry is the most swiped amongst men.

Here are the full rankings.


  1. Amelia

  2. Holly

  3. Grace

  4. Maisie

  5. Olivia

  6. Millie

  7. Ella

  8. Phoebe

  9. Jade

  10. Mollie


  1. Harry

  2. Jay

  3. Thomas

  4. Leo

  5. Jack

  6. William

  7. Muhammad

  8. Ethan

  9. Archie

  10. Liam

If there’s a top ten, that must mean there is a bottom ten, but we’d rather live in blissful ignorance than find out our name’s on there.

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