Time for a Deep Dive on Kelsey Anderson From Joey Graziadei's Season of 'The Bachelor'

Joey Graziadei's season of The Bachelor is in full swing, and judging from everything that's gone down so far, it is...intense. Like, can only assume ABC is absolutely parched for drama following the wholesome experience that was The Golden Bachelor, and now they're out here doing the absolute most to ensure not one person on Joey's season leaves without weeping copiously on camera.

Anyway, despite Jesse Palmer declaring in the below trailer that "what happens in the end is an unprecedented shocking first in Bachelor history," it seems like Joey's season is following the formula of its founding fathers: He's gonna date several dozen women at once before proposing to one of them at a questionably decorated altar by the beach.

Here Are the Top 6 ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Still in the Running for Joey’s Heart

Photo credit: Michael Kirchoff - ABC
Photo credit: Michael Kirchoff - ABC

Find out who remains on track to become Mrs. Graziadei.

Here's Everything You Need to Know About New Bachelor Joey Graziadei!

Photo credit: Christopher Willard - Getty Images
Photo credit: Christopher Willard - Getty Images

“How you doin’?” —me, unable to stop myself, every time Joey walks onscreen.

Behold: Joey Graziadei’s Final 3 From ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28

Photo credit: Joey Graziadei - Instagram
Photo credit: Joey Graziadei - Instagram

Reality Steve continues to provide for Bachelor Nation!!

And while all of Joey's contestants seem cool, we're here to get to know 25-year-old Kelsey Anderson slightly better—because based on spoilers (which will come at the end of this article!), she makes a pretty big impression on Joey.

Kelsey Grew Up on a Military Base

To quote our personal hero, ABC's long-suffering bio writer: "The Southern sweetheart spent most of her childhood growing up in Germany on a U.S. military base, and she’s extremely close with her big, loving family."

kelsey anderson

She Currently Lives in New Orleans...

...where she works as a project manager and "enjoys taking the streetcar to new restaurants, walking around the French market, and having a picnic with her friends."

She's Officially on Instagram

So when Reality Steve first dropped cast details, he listed Kelsey's Instagram as @_kelsey_welsey, which is no longer active. Meanwhile, there is another account @_kelsey_anderson that seems to be Kelsey as it's verified and sits at 57.5K followers.

Her Love Language Is Gifts (Specifically, Giving Them)

Kelsey told ABC that she "likes making thoughtful gifts for her partner when she’s in love," so expect lots of cute gift-giving moments between her and Joey. Honestly, if he isn't forced to wander around in some sort of hand-crocheted vest, I WILL be writing a letter of complaint!

kelsey anderson

Humor Is a Priority for Kelsey

So hopefully Joey is funny? 'Cause Kelsey "wants to meet a man with a great sense of humor who’s understanding and who loves giving back as much as she does." Her other ~fun facts~ include only needing 12 hours to plan an international getaway and wondering "how the world would be different if social media didn’t exist."

On That Note, She's a Good Person

Kelsey "hopes to start her own nonprofit one day, and she’s hoping Joey is along for the ride." Truly love this about her! Now time for some spoilers. AHEM:

Kelsey Wins the Group Date #3 Rose

According to spoiler sleuth Reality Steve, Joey and Kelsey connected during a group date talent show (wow, nightmare), and she got the rose. Then at some point, she went on a polar-plunge one-on-one, which is maybe this moment from the trailer? IDK, looks kinda polar plung-y:

the bachelor

She Makes It to Joey's Final 2

Joey and Kelsey connected to the point where she made it to Hometowns...then to his final three...and then to his final two. According to RS, it came down to Kelsey vs Daisy Kent at the final rose ceremony, and Joey ended up engaged to Daisy.

HOW! EVER! In February 2024, some Bachelor Nation sleuths started spiraling because it looked like Joey and Kelsey have been filming social media content from the same location.

Also, Reality Steve revealed that his initial prediction of Daisy getting engaged to Joey was incorrect as "Joey is engaged to Kelsey A. and has been since filming ended."

"The spoiler was just wrong," he confirmed. "He had never picked Daisy and he’s been with Kelsey the whole time. And that was confirmed when those pics got out last Tuesday night of Kelsey shooting a TikTok in the backyard of a Happy Couple house."

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