TikTok's Viral Costco Hot Dog Mayo Problem May Soon Be Solved

hot dog with mayonnaise
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For many people, the great hot dog topping debate comes down to ketchup, mustard, or both, but there are other hot dog condiments out there. A 2021 survey that was commissioned by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council finds that the big two hold down the top two spots, with each favored by over 60% of respondents, but mayonnaise managed to eke out an eighth-place finish with 19% of the vote. Eighth place does not land you a spot in the winner's circle, however, nor does it rate a condiment dispenser at Costco, which has some folks on social media complaining (imagine that. There's also one mayonnaise company -- Hellmann's -- offering its own overly complicated solution.

In recent weeks, there have been both a Reddit thread and a Tiktok video lamenting the lack of mayonnaise at Costco's food court, with the latter showing someone bringing their own mayo in a Ziploc-style baggie. Hellmann's promptly jumped into the fray, completing the social media trifecta by posting on Instagram to announce its intent to create a pocket-sized portable mayonnaise dispenser. The Instagram post didn't make clear whether this is a real thing or a joke like Culver's original Curderburger or Spritz Society's pickle-flavored wine cocktails. However, an email Mashed received from Hellmann's indicates that the product is legit. The company will post further details to its social media accounts regarding the availability of the dispenser.

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Portable Mayonnaise Dispensers Already Exist, Though

packets of Best Foods mayonnaise
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The dispenser could arrive in late summer. In the event that Hellmann's miniature mayonnaise delivery system is delayed, or -- gasp! -- you prefer another brand, there's no need to worry since portable mayonnaise dispensers perfect for "smuggling" into Costco already exist. Sure, you could go ultra low-tech by bringing in the stuff in a baggie, a la the viral TikTok video, but if you want something slightly fancier, you can always purchase mayonnaise in individual serving-size packets.

As to where you get hold of this innovative mayonnaise delivery system, Costco sells the Kraft brand of mayonnaise in boxes of 200 packets. However, their availability varies by location. Each packet weighs ⁷⁄₁₆ ounce, which equates to approximately 1 tablespoon. If Kraft is not your mayonnaise brand of choice, check restaurant supply stores or online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart for a wider variety of options. Popular mayonnaise brands, including Duke's, Sir Kensington, Mike's Amazing Real Mayonnaise, and even Kewpie all offer single-serving packets, and some vegan and light versions of the condiment are also available.

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