TikTok's Just Dropped A Hack For Filling Your Tacos And It's Honestly Genius

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TikTok's Just Dropped A Hack For Filling Your Tacos And It's Honestly Genius

The tortilla hack blew our minds when it first dropped on TikTok, and since then we've been searching high and low for the best foodie cooking hacks to make our lives 1,000 times easier. And you bet we've just come across the ultimate hack for filling your homemade tacos.

Yep! Thanks to @cookingwithranda on TikTok, we've now found a genius, mess-free way to fill our soft tacos, and all it involves is a glass.

As easy as placing your soft taco inside a glass (so that it curls upwards) microwaving and stuffing with your favourite taco fillings, you might find yourself taking up Taco Tuesday every Tuesday...

The step-by-step video has already received 2.2 million views, along with 62,000 likes and hundreds of comments, with lots of fans calling this TikToker a "genius."

This hack pretty much works with any sort of soft wrap that requires a filling, so catch us having wrap-based lunches for the foreseeable future...

In other wildly exciting hack news, we recently discovered a cracking hack for pan-flipping.

Thanks to @christaaa on TikTok, flipping food in a pan can be as easy as 1,2,3.

The hack? It's as simple as turning your pan over and retrieving your food from the other side. For a visual representation, check out the video below...

It might seem obvious, but for those of us who struggle when it comes to pan-flipping, this hack is an absolute lifesaver. No more broken pancakes/omelettes here!

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