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TikTokers react to app displaying body positive message in search bar: ‘This is so cute’

Despite Body Positivity month far past us, taking place in February, TikTok is already showing its support for people of all sizes.

Caelier (@caelier) posted a video, which has over 3 million views, showing what happened when they typed weight loss into the search bar. They received a heartwarming message from TikTok, letting users know that they are supported in their journey.

Photo Credit: @caeleir via TikTok
Photo Credit: @caeleir via TikTok

“You are more than your weight,” TikTok’s message reads. “If you or someone you know has questions about body image, food or exercise — it is important to know that help is out there and you are not alone.”

Health and fitness content is a massive community on TikTok. There are countless fitness and diet influencers that provide information on the platform. The #weightloss has over 84 billion views, while the #weightlosstransformation has over 13 billion views. The note also appears when users type in similar queries, such as eating disorders or substance abuse.

The message also provides links to safety information about these issues and tips to help improve your self-image. With the rise of hyperrealistic filters on TikTok, the issue of body dysmorphia and the effects it has on TikTok users has been a topic of discussion.

Despite the message of support, TikTokers had mixed reactions to the message.

“This is so cute,” replied @t3li7ah.

On the other hand, some people who didn’t feel they were at risk for a mental health issue simply wanted the information.

“Yeah cool but i wanna be skinny bruh,” replied @m3t4morphesis.

TikTok also configured the app to prevent excess searches in a certain timeframe. So if a user searches “weight loss” too many times, they won’t have access to videos.

Photo credit: Donnavan Smoot
Photo credit: Donnavan Smoot

In The Know by Yahoo reached out to TikTok for comment on why the company felt it needed to put a statement like this on the search bar but didn’t receive a response.

Nevertheless, it’s clear the app wants to provide users with healthy resources while going through the process of losing weight.

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