TikTokers Are Going Mad For This Christmas Sweet Jar From Amazon

TikTokers Are Going Mad For This Christmas Sweet Jar From Amazon

TikTok (pretty much our source for, well – everything these days), is currently teeming with festive interior design suggestions that tie astonishingly well with our love for a good ol' sweetie. Yep! We bring to you TikTok's latest obsession... a glass sweet jar in the shape of a Christmas tree. It's the small things, am I right?

Spotted online via @cissyjoness on TikTok and posted just days ago, the outrageously satisfying video shows @cissyjoness quite simply filling up her new sweet jar from Amazon with a range of festive sweets (also from Amazon) and it's already gathered over 625,000 views along with thousands of likes and comments.

Fans of the uber-aesthetic sweet jar have been quick to jump on the trend, tagging friends and commenting, "NEED this!" and "I need the candy assortment."

And luckily for you, we've managed to hunt down the very jar @cissyjoness uses, on sale for just £19.99 a pop. The jar, which comes with a detachable tree-top lid, can be used for everything from cookies to sweets, and lights to seasonal decorations, and we have a feeling we'll be seeing it a lot this Christmas.

Not stopping there, we've even got our hands on the festive sweets, too.

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