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TikToker outlines how she quit every job she’s had over the ‘most minor inconveniences’

A TikToker has been dubbed a “job hopper” after sharing how frequently she leaves jobs.

Savannah Beneventi (@highspeedfan) posted a multi-part series entitled “how i quit every job but each time it gets more chaotic.” The second part, posted in early February, went viral with 3.8 million views.

“So I do this thing where I quit every single job I ever have over the most minor inconveniences,” she begins.

Savannah starts with the time she worked at Amazon.

“I got so tired of working at Amazon because everyone watches you all the time,” she says.

She describes devising a way to hide in the break room during work hours.

“I started doing this thing where I would clock in, and I would sit in the break room for 10 hours every single day. I did this for like a month until I got caught, and then they wanted me to explain myself, so I just quit.”

She then recounts working at a pizzeria and dealing with unpleasant customers.

“At one point, I literally got so mad that I cursed out a customer, and then I immediately realized what I did, and I was like, ‘Well, there is absolutely no coming back from this.’ So instead of arguing with them, I literally just hung up the phone. I looked in the back, and I was like, ‘I need to go outside for a minute.’ And then I just kept walking home. I never came back,” she says.

Savannah also worked at Don Pablos, a now-defunct Tex-Mex restaurant.

“This job was literally so freaking boring I picked up smoking just so I could go outside and have a million smoke breaks,” she says.

TikTok users flocked to the comments to share their thoughts on Savannah’s tales of employment.

It appears she wasn’t alone in loathing her days at Amazon.

“Omg working at Amazon i used to nap on the toilet for three to four hours at a time. i didn’t mean to tho but it happened three times before i quit,” admitted @onthecharts1.

“I worked at Amazon and I literally clocked in manually on the app and sat in my car,” wrote @loboto4.

“I worked at amazon for one day, called off the next 3 days, told them I had covid.. they paid me $800 for covid leave. Never went back,” wrote @bmarie723.

Other TikTokers, however, question her ability to get jobs.

“I don’t get how people with work ethic like this get hired all the time and I get nothing,” wrote @codyrestivo.

“There should be a watchlist for people not to hire because omg girl,” wrote @taylorwithanoh.

“You gotta stick it out somewhere and develop yourself, no matter the confines of your situation… you wont get into better financials if you quit 24/7,” urged @kingnubbit.

With six parts posted, Savannah is certainly no stranger to “chaotically” quitting jobs. As TikTokers in the comments have noted, however, this might not be the best job strategy.

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