Is the TikTok pasta strainer hack the key to great curls? 2 celebrity hairdressers weigh in

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TikTokswears by a pasta strainer for We Are - Getty Images

Now, I've seen a lot of weird and wonderful stuff on TikTok, but never did I envisage that an ordinary kitchen utensil would go viral for helping to create perfectly defined curls. Wonders never cease, eh?

TikToker Liz Fox Roseberry took to the Gen Z platform to show off her curly hack using a pasta strainer, amassing over 9.5m views and thousands of comments hailing it the ultimate curly girl hair trick.

Introducing her video with the caption, 'I can't tell the difference between crazy and genius anymore lol,' Fox can the be seen tipping her wet hair into a classic metal pasta strainer and cupping it, before using a hairdryer to dry her hair through the strainer. The end result is bouncy and defined curls.

So how does it work? Celebrity Hairdresser and Jerome Russell BBlonde Brand Educator, Jason Collier explains 'using a pasta strainer works in the same way a diffuser attachment does, it distributes the heat evenly to the curls so the curl pattern remains intact and circulates the air so the hair has a more air-dried effect.'

Now the comments, as you'd expect, are wild. Aside from the argument as to whether the tool in question is indeed a pasta strainer or a sieve, one follower wrote 'and that's why I don't eat at people house [sic],' which quite rightly raises how hygienic the tip is.

Generally though, TikTokers were on board with a number of followers commenting that they have tried the hack before. 'I used to do this before I had a diffuser 😭😂,' said one, whilst another user wrote 'I always refer to drying my curls as cooking my noodles because this is how I do it 🍜'

But what do the pros make of this trick? Should you forgo your hair diffuser in favour of a pasta strainer? Russell think not. 'You don't need to look at your kitchen cupboard with the right styling you can keep your strainer for pasta.'

Celebrity hairdresser Adam Reed also agrees. 'It is the same way as drying as using a diffuser, it breaks down the flow of the air from the dryer allowing the heat to dry the hair without disruption, so if you don't have a diffuser you could try this, but you will get a better finish from using a diffuser. I use the GHD Helios and diffuser.'

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