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TikToker hilariously compares Kim Kardashian's Skims micro bikini to tortilla chips

Watch: Kim Kardashian's Skims is selling a 'micro bikini' the size of a tortilla chip

A woman has left people in giggles after comparing the size of a teeny 'micro bralette' by Kim Kardashian's company Skims to tortilla chips.

In a post on TikTok, user @bbysarita spread the brand's 'Fits Everybody Micro Triangle Bralette and Micro Thong' on a table top.

She then used the popular salty snack to show the scale of the triangles on the top and bottom of the set.

In the video – which has been viewed more than 7.6 million times – she says "So if you've been eyeing the SKIMS micro bikini and wondering about the size," before showing the comparison photo.

In a follow-up clip, the TikToker then put in the silver set, demonstrating even further just how minuscule the fabric is.

On the Skims site, the bralette is priced at £28, while the thong will set you back £14 – and other colour options include gold, pink and red.

The micro bralette and thong by Kim Kardashian's Skims have gone viral on TikTok. (Skims)
The micro bralette and thong by Kim Kardashian's Skims have gone viral on TikTok. (Skims)

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Over on TikTok, many people shared their disbelief that the brand had created a set so small.

One person joked "pass the guac", while another teased "(Opens bag of Doritos) SKIMS dupe" and a third admitted "I'd rather spend my money on chips".

Many social media users, quite reasonably, insisted that the bralette and thong would fail to cover their modesty.

One person wrote "my girls would be going north, south, east and west" and another commented "that's definitely not covering anyone's tacos".

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On the Skims website, the bralette – available in sizes XXS to 4X – was described as "barely-there" and with the potential to make a "big impression".

Meanwhile, the thong, also designed in sizes XXS to 4X, is "made for fun".