TikToker explains why it’s rude to tip in Japan: 'You forgot your money'

The TikToker known as Cyber Bunny (@therealcyberbunny) explains why it’s considered rude to tip at a restaurant in Japan, and viewers are curious about how tipping standards differ between cultures.

In the United States, neglecting to tip your server is considered rude, whereas some other countries find the reversal equally insulting. Just ask Cyber Bunny. In a video from her TikTok series, where she shares various “unwritten rules” and etiquette in Japanese culture, the content creator explains why tipping is taboo in Japan. In addition to being entertaining, the video provides an eye-opening lesson on how a known custom carries a different significance in every culture.

The clip opens with a quick sketch. Cosplaying as a server, Cyber Bunny enters the frame while holding a few coins.

“You forgot your money,” she says in Japanese to her off-screen customer alter ego.

“Please keep the change,” the customer responds before Cyber Bunny begins the lesson in the next shot. She explains that in Japan, tipping is similar to giving a child an allowance, or as it’s referred to in Japan, an “okozukai.” So giving a working adult something akin to an allowance comes across as condescending.

Cyber Bunny concludes her lesson on unwritten tipping rules in Japan before buttoning the sketch, in which the server hands the customer back her money at the end of the video.

How does tipping work in other countries?

The video provoked an interesting discussion among viewers from all over the world, who took to the comments to compare cultural perspectives on tipping.

“In Australia, we CAN tip, but we usually don’t since we’re not used to it, and we get paid minimum wage at LEAST,” one user shared.

“In Malaysia, there’s like a 10% service charge, so no tipping [either],” mentioned one TikToker.

“The reason why we tip in the U.S. is because workers, especially fast food workers, do not get paid enough,” one viewer clarified.

When traveling overseas, it’s a good idea to learn a few recommendations about your destination’s tipping practices.

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