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Tiffani Thiessen is all about ice rolling for staying fabulous in her 50s — one of her new fave gadgets is just $13

The Esarora Ice Roller is $6 off on Amazon and a staple for the Saved By The Bell star

Can you believe Kelly Kapowski is 50? It seems like just yesterday she hung up her Bayside pom-poms and moved in with the Walshes in Beverly Hills. Of course, Father Time doesn't stop for anyone, but he seems to have hit the pause button Tiffani Thiessen — she looks almost as fresh-faced now as she did in 1993. Apparently, ice is her antidote to aging and one of the gadgets she got turned on to in her fifth decade is the facial ice roll. This one is on sale at Amazon for just $13, or more than 30% off.

This freezable gadget is designed to give you cold relief. Just freeze the head, then pop it on the handle when you're ready to roll it over the spot that needs cooling.

Save $6 with coupon
$13 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

We love the idea of revitalizing our skin with an inexpensive facial roller versus very expensive skin treatments, which can set you back hundreds if you're going to a dermatologist or getting a professional facial. We rarely see this dip below $15, so if you're thinking about snagging one, it's probably not going to get cheaper than it is right now.

Why do I need this?

If you follow Tiffani Thiessen on social media, you probably know that she loves being in the kitchen. She's always cooking up something and she just dropped her new cookbook Here We Go Again. It has everything you need to know about turning leftovers into something special.

Another thing you might have noticed? She loves a cold plunge. As in soaking in a tub of ice.

"The benefits are pretty amazing," she told Jennifer Hudson. "The dopamine mood adjuster that happens when you get in one of these and how it lasts all day I feel like I can climb Mount Everest afterward."

She does that once a week, but the ice treatment extends to her face daily. She preps her face with an ice roller before she puts on her makeup.

"I use it before I put my makeup on, and oh, my gosh, they really make a difference," she told Glamour. "It feels like someone’s literally massaging your face with a cool little ice cube."

tiffani thiessen
Ice, ice, baby! It's this Saved By the Bell star's key to looking and feeling youthful.

What reviewers say

This little gadget is loved by over 17,000 Amazon shoppers who have given it a five-star rating.

"I keep this in the freezer," shared a rave reviewer. "It stays old SO long while using it. It seems to tighten and de-puff my under eyes, and makes my skin feel so smooth and soft. I see results immediately! I LOVE this ice roller!!

"I love this ice roller," a beauty enthusiast wrote. "I use it in the mornings before work and it really helps with waking me up. It stays cold for a long time. I use it for about 20 minutes and it is still as cold as it was when I first started using it."

"I began using it every morning before putting on my daily cream," another happy shopper shared. "It feels wonderful and I’ve seen results with much firmer face. Definitely, part of my daily routine from now on."

"This product is amazing," raved another fan. "Easy to use and super soothing to the skin. It really helps during hot summer nights too! It's a little big in the handle but the pros definitely outweigh that one con."

This freezable gadget is designed to give you cold relief. Just freeze the head, then pop it on the handle when you're ready to roll it over the spot that needs cooling.

Save $6 with coupon
$13 at Amazon

Want to know one of Tiffani Thiessen's other beauty secrets? She tackles eyeshadow and mascara gently with cotton pads dabbed with this oil-based Clinique makeup remover.

This solution dissolves long-wearing makeup, including waterproof mascara.

$10 at Amazon

"I do this because I don't want to rip my eyelashes out," she said as she swiped her eyes. "You really want to take care of what's left, right?" She follows that with water vapor from a facial steamer, some zaps and Elemis serum. And when she does her morning routine, she preps with an ice roller.

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