The New Three Letter Word for Metamorphosis? Initio Parfums Privés' "Neo"

Perfume is already infectious, but French luxury fragrance house Initio Parfums Privés is trying to seduce you even more with its new scent, "Oud for Greatness NEO."

The brand combines the art of perfumery with the science of scent psychology. By intentionally selecting ingredients known for their unique psychological effects, it crafts fragrances that enhance mental clarity, boost confidence, promote relaxation and offer a one-of-a-kind sensual experience. Hedione, in overdose, is found in all the Carnal Collection's fragrances. It is a compound that stimulates the senses and induces our lustful nature.

Oud for Greatness NEO comprises four main notes: Oud, Fir Balsam, Bergamot, and Orpur Lavender. It's intense but stays on all day, leaving you to smell rich and alluring.

"NEO" is an addition to the "Black & Gold" Collection, all embossed with a tribute to Geometry. The press release states that their inspiration for shapes stems from the fundamental principles of the universe, symbolizing harmony, balance and interconnectedness.

We spoke to Yvan Jacqueline, President of America at the brand, who said, "We believe that every INITIO creation is a journey of the mind and soul. Our scents have proven to awaken powerful emotions and enhance mental well-being."

Initio draws from the religious and spiritual practices of Oud. From its historical use and symbolism to its Southeast Asian practices of Ayurveda, traditions believed to balance the mind and body, enhance meditation, and deepen spiritual practices. Jacqueline says, "By harnessing the power of scent, we not only create unique and distinctive fragrances – our creations amplify, transform, and elevate an individual's feelings and optimize confidence and power of attraction."

Shop the 90ml bottle for $430 USD on the brand's website.

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