This Book Staircase Is The Stuff Of DIY Dreams


[Photo: Imgur/Valhalla-Vanguard]

These DIY book stairs are giving us serious decor envy.

Using nothing but “budget paints” Reddit user Ladybird_slayer transformed her un-carpeted stairs into a stack of books.


[Photo: Imgur/Valhalla-Vanguard]

Her husband Valhalla-Vanguard posted his wife’s artwork onto the site, writing:

“I was told r/books [Reddit’s booklovers’ section] would get a kick out of this project my wife completed today. (sic)

“My wife decided to decorate our stairs with all our favourite books, inspired by a post she saw on Pinterest (personally I think my wife’s are way better than the inspiration).


The top [Photo: Imgur/Valhalla-Vanguard]

“It took her quite a while and was a project initiated out of a money saving venture to avoid having to splash out on carpet money/fitting money (didn’t trust me to lay carpet on stairs). I think this looks 100x better than any carpet.


The middle [Photo: Imgur/Valhalla-Vanguard]

“The part of the stairs you walk on was painted in black matt gloss with fine grain sand mixed in, it is holding up really well to wear and tear!


The middle part two [Photo: Imgur/Valhalla-Vanguard]

“I hope you guys agree on the talent required to pull off this feat :). Also approve of our choice of literature!”


The bottom [Photo: Imgur/Valhalla-Vanguard]

Reddit users were thrilled. One, Ecofab, said: “As a working artist of 40 years I have huge respect for someone who can letter with a brush - especially sideways! Please tell her I said great job!”


The full set [Photo: Imgur/Valhalla-Vanguard]

CataleyaGhostmark also commented: “I now want to do this to every single staircase I come across.”

So do we, CataleyaGhostmark.

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