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This super-suctioning robovac, now $88, may become your BFF: 'I named it Rosie'

Save time, effort and over 50% with this sleek little floor cleaner that can run for up to two hours — that's a lotta crumbs!

Having a robot vacuum in your home is the ultimate luxury: You simply kick back and relax while it does the dirty work, cleaning your floors for you. (The dream!) But robovacs typically come with a very unrelaxing price tag. Well, get ready for some serious serenity — Amazon has slashed the price of the highly rated Lefant M210 robot vacuum to $89, which saves you over 50%. That's a dust-have deal if we've ever seen one!

What? One hundred minutes is not sufficient to get your carpet, hardwood and tile clean? How's two hours of runtime sound?

$89 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

Robot vacuums are usually expensive to begin with, but the M210 is currently down to as low as we've ever seen it on sale for (you're saving over a hundred bucks). It's one of the best robovac deals you can snag at Amazon and has thousands of perfect ratings from users to back it up.

Why do I need this? 🤔

The Lefant robovac is slim enough to glide under sofas and other often-neglected areas in your home that could use a de-dusting. To make things extra hands-off, you can control all the action via app.

Thanks to the M210's built-in infrared sensor, this little robo-pal can automatically detect walls, stairs and more, without damaging furniture or falling down stairs. And you don't have to follow it around until it's finished — when the vac starts running out of power or finishes cleaning, it will automatically return to the charging dock for recharging.

The M210 follows a zig-zag route for effective cleaning, so you don't have to worry about spots getting missed. At under 3 inches tall, this baby can effortlessly cruise under end tables and sofas like it's nothing.

The Lefant robovac next to a smart phone on a purple background
We don't want to cause a big dust-up or anything, but we've got the dirt on an incredible robovac deal. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Over 7,800 owners rave about how well the M210 performs across a variety of flooring.

Pros 👍

"The capacity is large enough to handle a cleaning of our 1,000 square-foot home with cats and a dog and two adults," shared one happy customer. "It does not fall down our basement steps and does not seem to get stuck in too many places. I am impressed that it actually goes over our very fluffy rug and covers all of our hardwood and tile floor as well."

This shopper revealed, "We had an issue running our normal robot vac ... It was too loud and scared my daughter (two years) and my dog ... so far I really like this. It's quiet, no need to raise the volume on the TV; I ran it last night and no one heard it. It does seem to have to try a little more to get on the rugs, but I think I might try to double-side tape them down where it's having the issue."

A third user wrote, "I love this little vacuum! I named it Rosie, after the robot maid from The Jetsons. She does a great job of cleaning up after six people in a tiny house. I mainly use it in the kitchen to clean up the little crumbs the kiddos leave behind. ... Overall, I love this little vacuum so much that I am thinking about getting one for my parents for Christmas."

And talk about a space saver, this reviewer says it has them ditching their broom and dust pan. "I have no carpet in my mobile home, kids in and out constantly. I have swept every hour on the house since we have lived here. I’ve had this robot for three weeks now and have not touched my broom and dust pan! This thing has saved my sanity!"

Cons 👎

"It does a nice job getting up all the dirt and runs for quite a while," shared a buyer. "In addition, the app on the phone works great too. The only thing is that I wish it would work on both my wife’s and my phone, but it will only pair with one phone at a time."

"I will say, one con is that it has a hard time finding home," noted a final fan. "Sometimes it takes forever. To combat this though, I send it home when it still has a decent amount of battery life left so it doesn't die before it gets there. Other than that, it's amazing. Never realized how dirty my floors were until I got this."

You can control all the action from your phone while you kick back on the couch.

$89 at Amazon

Speaking of dust, you'll love how much lint this $19 dryer vent brush grabs:

Cleaning your dryer vent is one of those home-maintenance chores that’s easy to forget about until your laundry starts coming out of the dryer damp. But Amazon has an inexpensive solution.

"Man does it work well," said one happy shopper. "It really pulls the clumps out and will burrow through the ones that were very dense. Some of the clumps looked more like stuffed animals than lint. It's probably been that way for many years."

Save $7 with coupon
$19 at Amazon

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