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This portable paw cleaner saves floors and furniture from Fido's worst, and it's $12 — that's 50% off

Dogs are cute, but let's face it: They're not the cleanest creatures. Unless you can get them to wear those little dog booties when they go outside, whatever they walked through — dirt, mud or otherwise — is being tracked into your home. If that grosses you out (or you simply don’t want muddy paw prints on your floors and furniture), consider the MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer while it's 50% off at Amazon.

Dip your dog's paw into the cup and gently twist to remove dirt, sand and more. 

$15 at Amazon

If your dog has ever jumped all over your white sofa with muddy paws (and yes, I may be speaking from experience), then you know a gizmo like the MudBuster could save you money and headaches. At 50% off, the medium MudBuster is just $12. It's ideal for dogs with paws between 2.5 and 3.5 inches wide. There are also small and large sizes, but prices vary.

Whether your dog's a fan of long walks, trips to the beach or muddy hikes, the MudBuster can save your floors, furniture and car upholstery. If you have a dog that likes to dig holes, you may even want to keep this by your back door.

To use it, add water to the cup and gently insert your dog's paw. Give the device a little twist and move it up and down — there are soft silicone bristles inside to help remove dirt and whatever else is between their paw pads. It's a lot faster than using a towel, and a lot less chaotic than hosing your dog off outside. Once you're done, release the hound! Then open up the MudBuster, pull out the insert and rinse it — you can even put it in the dishwasher if that doesn't gross you out.

Two dogs getting their paws cleaned with the MudBuster
For some dogs, a session with their beloved MudBuster is like a trip to the spa. (Amazon)

More than 40,000 Amazon shoppers give the MudBuster a five-star rating. Some say their dogs even enjoy it!

"My Labrador Retriever is always digging and kicking up dirt," explained one fan. "He comes in with mud between his toes all the time and hates me wiping his paws. But he loves this. He acts like he's getting a massage. And I love it because it's helped reduce the amount of paw chewing he does, which makes me so happy for him. Great product."

"Can't believe this works but it does," said another skeptical shopper. "I absolutely thought there was no way my dog would let me put his paw in such a thing. All the reviews were right! Yes, my dog who hates his paws being touched allows me to wash his paws with this crazy little thing. It does work!"

"The amount of sand it pulled out of my dog's paws was just shocking! This product is magic (and is helping to keep our floors clean)!" said a third happy customer.

"Since using the MudBuster, I've noticed a significant decrease in the amount of dirt and mud tracked into my home," said another Amazon reviewer. "Not only does this keep my floors cleaner, but it also helps prevent my pet from ingesting harmful substances that may be lurking on their paws."

While some shoppers raved about how easy it is to use, others found it a bit difficult depending on the dog (or even the size of their own hands).

"My Bernese greatly prefers this to having her paw pads scrubbed out with a wet towel — so much so that she seems to be digging on purpose to get her paws cleaned with the MudBuster," said one dog owner. "Is it a bit difficult to use? Yep, wrangling a huge dog and a huge cup of water can be a bit tricky, but it’s 100% worth it."

"100% recommend for dog owners with mud pit backyards," said another person. "Only downside is if you have small hands like me, it's hard to hold and twist. ... Twisting it from the top makes it easier."

"My dog is four years old, and the first time I tried it on her she didn't mind at all," explained a final fan. "I just dip her paw in and out, because the container is too large to hold and twist in my hand. Might be better in a large male hand."

Is your furry friend more petite? The small MudBuster works for dogs with paws up to 2 inches wide.

$14 at Amazon
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$17 at Only Natural Pet

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