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This No. 1 bestselling touch-up powder hides roots, grays and thin spots, and it's down to $18

'My hair still looks like it did the first day I left the salon ... and the color never transfers off,' says one fan.

I'm a natural blonde, but not the shade of blonde I am now. You can tell when my roots start to show, and when my hair is pulled back into a ponytail, you can really tell. That's why as soon as I saw women on TikTok using Boldify Hairline Powder to cover their roots, I rushed to find it on Amazon. Turns out, it's Amazon's No. 1 bestselling hair and root touch-up product, and it's on sale for $18.

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This hairline powder comes in a range of shades, so you can find a close match to cover roots, grays and more.

$37 at Amazon

Boldify's Hairline Powder is regularly $25, but it's nearly 30% off during Amazon's Memorial Day sale, so you can save $7. On top of that, going into the salon for a root touch-up will cost you a least $50. With this hairline powder, you can save the pricey salon visit until you really need it.

If you color your hair, you know how much it costs to keep up with it. It's not a one-and-done salon trip. If you want to keep your new hue, you have to go multiple times a year — and that adds up. To prolong the time between salon appointments, you can touch up your roots at home.

This hairline powder comes in a small jar with a spongy applicator that makes it easy to apply directly to your hair. Simply dab the applicator in the powder, dab it on your strands and voila — there go your roots! It comes in 14 colors, but if you're in between, Boldify advises choosing the darker shade. If you're covering up grays, choose the lighter shade.

You can also use this powder to make thinning hair look thicker or even give yourself temporary highlights. For the latter, choose a color lighter than your hair, dab it on and go. The powder doesn't feel sticky or gunky, so your hair will still feel like, well, hair.

Boldify Hairline Powder in three colors
Think of this nifty powder as concealer, but for your hair. (Amazon)

More than 13,500 Amazon shoppers give Boldify Hairline Powder a five-star rating and say that it works wonders on all types of hair woes.

"I'm not sure what kind of dark magic was used to create this product, but it is literal perfection," said one five-star fan. "It completely covers my brown roots, blending them perfectly into the new copper color. Like, my hair still looks like it did the first day I left the salon ... I run my hands through my hair all day long and the color never transfers off. The color lasts for days between washings, but comes out completely with a single shampoo. It even stayed perfect when I had to walk in and out through the rain several times on a rainy road trip."

Another shopper shared that since menopause, her hair has started thinning and graying in some areas. "It was so quick and easy to apply," she said. "I had no itchy reaction. It lasted until I washed my hair and was easy to wash out. It didn't stain my pillow. It looks like a small amount in the container, but unless you apply it over your whole head all the time, I believe it will last a long time. Needless to say, I'm very happy with this product."

"I'm happy with this so far," a third customer shared. "It covers the gray decent enough. I should have gone a bit darker, but it's working fine. I haven't had any come off on my glasses as they go back and forth from the top of my head to my face about 100 times a day."

Some shoppers wish the applicator was easier to hold and say that you should be careful when applying because a little goes a long way (and it can stain your hands and whatever it touches).

"I love everything about it, except for the applicator, which could really use some kind of handle," said this fan. "My only complaint is that the applicator kept dropping out of my hand, which was frustrating. ... But the product itself works better than any I've tried for this particular purpose."

"I wish the applicator had a loop or something to hold it better," another shopper said. "Also, don't touch your hair because it will come off on your hands."

A little goes a long way! Start with a small amount and build up as needed.

$18 at Amazon

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