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This Lululemon crossbody is 'the best bag' for summer — it's under $60 right now

Lululemon shoppers say this bag is "sleek, convenient and durable."

someone wearing the Lululemon crossbody bag
This Lululemon Crossbody Camera bag is just $59 right now — it'll be your summer go-to. (Photos via Lululemon)

As a mom of two little kids, I need a bag that can hold the essentials but also give me the freedom to run around on the playground. Consequently, my collection of crossbody bags is quite vast. I was especially excited to see the Lululemon's 2L Crossbody Camera Bag — which is currently priced at $59 (originally $84). It's a bit bigger than some of my other bags but not too bulky.

Lululemon's crossbody is compact while still offering lots of room for your phone, wallet and some snacks on the go. The back drop-in pocket is great for quick storage or easy access to your phone. Now, if I could only resist the urge to purchase one in every colour — especially at this price point!

This 2L crossbody bag is $25 off right now.

$59 at Lululemon

I don't think you can walk anywhere without seeing a colourful assortment of Lululemon's signature one-litre belt bags. However, the brand's two-litre crossbody is set to surpass it as this season's best casual carry-all.

The bag measures 20.5cm x 6.5cm x 12.5cm (8.1" x 2.6" x 4.9") and is crafted with Lululemon's trademark water-repellent fabric. Its versatile adjustable strap, which measures 150cm (59.1") when fully extended, adds a slightly more formal touch with its metal rings.

The two zippered compartments keep your essentials organized, and the unique back drop-in pocket is ideal for quick retrieval of items such as your phone or parking garage ticket.

One customer described the pouch as the "perfect little bag" and said its gold accents gave it a "sharp look."

Another shopper noted how much she liked the bag's two zippers, labelling the carry-all "functional and trendy."

The strap length was also well received by shoppers, with one saying that it's "long enough that you don’t feel like it’s choking you."

There was also lots of love for the outer compartment where one customer said her phone "fits nicely."

While most of the reviews were positive, some people did comment that they wished the strap was thicker.

someone wearing the lululemon Crossbody Camera Bag 2L
Crossbody Camera Bag 2L (Photo via Lululemon)

With shoppers praising the bag as "functional and trendy," there's no doubt that this Lululemon satchel is a hit. The two zippered compartments make it easier to find all your essentials and the back drop-in pocket is key when looking for a quick way to store your phone.

At $59 dollars on sale, this cute carry-all is a great price compared to some other Lululemon crossbody bags. And you're getting more space and function for your investment!

One thing to note: Some customers wished the adjustable strap was thicker — something to consider as you decide whether to purchase.