This Is Why You Only Wear A Small Proportion Of Your Wardrobe


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Ever noticed how, even if you’ve gone on a shopping trip recently, you find yourself wearing the same outfit again and again?

It’s not just you - many people (besides that one super-disciplined friend) end up having that same top or dress at the top of their drawer because they wear it so often.

And apparently there are some pretty clear reasons behind this. Bustle spoke to GoodLooks fashion stylist Ali Call and found that the biggest reason people repeat their outfits is an obvious one: Habit.

“Human beings are creatures of habit and gravitate toward easy ‘go-to’ pieces,” Call said.

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“Choosing the pieces that are easiest to wear and pair allow us to stay within our comfort zone.”

But another big reason for doing so involves an aspect of our lifestyles that’s pretty hard to change - being short of time.

“We are living in a fast paced world and with so many variables at play, an easy solution is to quickly choose from something paired with success at an earlier date,” she explained.

“These pieces become the wardrobe front-runners because they have a proven track record.”

[Photo: Pexels]

And this is inseparable from the way we organise our lives and items of clothing.

“Often times, it is the clothing at the top of the pile or front of the closet that gets chosen first due to lack of organization [sic].

“Streamlining your wardrobe to eliminate the white noise can be a great way to improve accessibility and combat overcrowding.”

So instead of going shopping when you feel like you have nothing to wear, try reorganising your wardrobe instead. Or if you just really like that outfit you keep re-wearing, screw everyone else and do what you please.

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