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This is the type of hairbrush everyone should be using for healthier locks, according to my hairdresser

Boar bristle brushes can make you hair feel smoother and look shinier.

In addition to feeling good on your scalp, boar bristle brushes can make your hair look and feel healthier. Many hair stylists recommend them! (Amazon)
The key to stress-free and "sty"-lish (heh) hair? Boar bristles! In addition to feeling good on your scalp, they'll have your locks looking and feeling healthier. Hair-care pros say so! (Amazon)

I’ve been going to the same hair stylist for about five years, and I’m always peppering her with questions about making my hair look its best. She is an expert, after all! So when I needed to replace my hairbrush, I asked her which one could help me avoid unnecessary damage and breakage, preferably one that I could use on wet or dry hair. Her answer: A boar bristle brush.

Bristles made with boar hair are great for all types of hair, from fine to thick and curly. Genuine boar hair contains keratin, and when used in a brush, it can help distribute your scalp’s natural oils through your locks — like a mini natural conditioning treatment. In the process, it can also add much-welcome shine. But there are even more good-for-you benefits.

"Boar bristles are better than metal bristle brushes for multiple reasons," said Rachael Schachter, stylist and co-owner of March & Pearl salon in NYC's West Village. "The bristles don’t heat up the same as metal, so this can prevent heat damage. The soft bristles help distribute oils from the scalp through the ends and lengths of your hair. And, you can get better tension, or grip, on your hair with boar bristles, as there are more bristles than with standard metal or plastic brushes, which is good when styling."

Additionally, the bristles are softer on the scalp than metal brushes and can give you a gentle massage as you brush. (Some experts say massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow to hair follicles, potentially promoting hair growth.) Additionally, the bristles can help close the cuticles of your hair to make it smoother and less frizzy.

So all in all, boar bristle brushes can offer less frizz, less damage, more shine ... and more hair? Sign me up! I replaced my metal brush with boar bristle a few months ago, and I'm so glad I did. My hair does, in fact, look smoother compared to when I used my plastic paddle brush or metal round one. Friends have even commented on how healthy and shiny my hair looks! While I can't say I've noticed any additional hair growth, I've definitely experienced less heat damage and breakage from blow drying my hair with it most mornings.

The problem is that genuine boar bristle brushes can be pretty pricey. Schachter backs the famous Mason Pearson brush, although it can run anywhere from $200 to $325 on Amazon. At a lower price point, she recommends Ibiza Hair, which makes round brushes that are great for bouncy blowouts.

However, we found a handful on Amazon that are on the more affordable side, so you can reap the benefits of boar bristles without spending a big chunk of cash. Scroll on and get clicking.

According to the product description, the Shash Nylon Boar Bristle Brush is for normal to thick hair. It has a wood handle and comes in three sizes. While it combines boar bristles with nylon bristles, it doesn't contain any metal that may overheat. More than 2,200 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating and rave about how great it is at detangling, smoothing and generally de-stressing their tresses.

“Within just a couple weeks of using this brush the health of my hair and scalp has improved immensely!” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “I was looking for a Mason Pearson dupe with mixed nylon and boar bristles. The nylon pins help with tangles and stimulating the scalp, and the boar bristles help smooth frizz and distribute oils from the scalp to the mid shaft and ends. I notice that my scalp is less itchy and my hair overall is more shiny with less frizz.”

$49 at Amazon

Not surprisingly, Schacter opts for Ibiza in her own salon. This one has a cork handle and base, making it super lightweight, and it comes in five barrel sizes. "Love, love, love," wrote one impressed reviewer. "My stylist used this brush on me the last time, and my hair was never so smooth, yet full. I've been able to get the same results at home using this brush. I have shoulder-length hair and it's a joy to blow-dry now. Worth the investment." 

$52 at Amazon
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$24 at Bed Bath & Beyond

This brush has a similar base to the TikTok-fave UnBrush but mixes in boar bristles with nylon ball-tip bristles. The base is open, allowing for air to flow through more easily while drying, and a curved shape for gently brushing over your scalp. According to the product description, it's also heat-resistant. 

"Works great!" wrote one snarled shopper. "My hair, which is medium-length to longish, tangles like crazy. ... I don't have to brush the same spot repeatedly like I did with my previous hairbrush. With just one swipe, this one completes the task. If you're debating whether to order this, do yourself a favor and do so. 10/10 would advise."

$30 at Amazon
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$20 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Attention, cheapskates: Here's a great under-$10 option! Although it's not strictly boar hair bristles — it also features nylon ball-tip bristles — it has a wooden base that doesn't overheat while drying your hair. The ergonomic handle is also easy to hold, which is good if it takes your hair a while to dry.

More than 2,900 Amazon shoppers rave about this. One satisfied shopper wrote in the reviews: "I personally have corse and very frizzy hair. I’ve never been able to master an at-home blowout until this brush! I did purchase this with two others and alternate between them, depending on which section I’m blow drying. My hair looks absolutely incredible and I honestly never thought that I’d be able to go without my straightener and curling iron."

$9 at Amazon

While a little pricier than the rest of the picks on this list, Drybar is a well-trusted salon that's dedicated to blowouts — and its line of hair care products gets lots of love. Its paddle brush features a mix of boar hair and nylon bristles. 

"Great brush," wrote one reviewer. "My hair is full and shiny — best brush I’ve ever owned and worth the money!"

$85 at Nordstrom
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$85 at Amazon$85 at QVC

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