This is how much sugar is in your morning bowl of cereal

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Cereal is a brilliant food; so quick, easy and filling.

But it is, admittedly, still a fast food. Though it may not have the greasiness of a McDonald’s it’s still packed with lots of unwanted ingredients – the most significant being sugar.

And now a new report has revealed just how much sugar lies within our favourite cereals.

Unsurprisingly, experts from World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) found that Kellogg’s Frosties was the worst of the bunch with 11.1g of sugar per 30g serving.

And if you’re a normal human being that likes to eat a 100g bowl in the morning, that rises to 37g of sugar in a serving – more than nine teaspoons.

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Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and Coco Pops came second with 11g per 30g serving, followed by Nestle’s Lion cereal (8.7g) and Nestle Nesquik (7.5g).

According to The Huffington Post, to get these results researchers picked 19 products manufactured by Kellogg and Nestle/General Mills from 29 countries.

Over half of the cereals (58%) were found to have high levels of sugar and 55% contained half the daily recommended amount of free sugars for a three year old in a single serving.

Thanks to common suggested serving sizes of 30g, we often feel we’re consuming less sugar than we are. Put amount that in a bowl, and you’ll see it’s not a large serving.

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Here’s the ranking of cereals found with the most sugar:

The top 10 cereals containing the most sugar were:

1. Kellogg Frosties – 11.1g per 30g serving

2. Kellogg Coco Pops – 11g per serving

3. Kellogg Crunchy Nut Cornflakes – 11g per serving

4. Nestle Lion cereal – 8.7g per serving

5. Nestle Nesquik – 7.5g per serving

6. Nestle Cookie Crisp – 7.5g per serving

7. Nestle Cheerios Honey – 7.2g per serving

8. Kellogg Frozen cereal – 6.3g per serving

9. Nestle Cheerios Multigrain – 6.3g per serving

10. Kellogg Special K – 4.5g per serving

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