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This 'game-changer' meat thermometer has over 120,000 reviews on Amazon — and it's on sale for $13

Save 44 per cent on a "handy" and "accurate" digital meat thermometer on Amazon — but not for long!

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For a limited time, save 42 per cent on an "accurate" ThermoPro TP03B Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer on Amazon Canada (photo via Getty).

Depending on its bells and whistles, food thermometers can cost over $100 — a costly investment for the casual at-home chef. Luckily, Amazon Canada shoppers don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get an "accurate" digital meat thermometer, even before Amazon Prime Day deals kick-off. For a limited time, Amazon shoppers can save 42 per cent on a ThermoPro TP03B Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer and take it home for just $13. Backed by over 120,000 reviews (93,000 being five-star!), shoppers call this "accurate" digital food thermometer a "game-changer" for cooking meats, bread and more. To shop the deal, check out the details below.

This best-selling meat thermometer has over 120,000 reviews on Amazon Canada. 

$13 at Amazon

ThermoPro's instant-read meat thermometer detects core temperatures within +/- 0.9°F accuracy and a response time of 3-5 seconds.

The 3.9" food-grade stainless steel probe is long enough to test a wide variety of meats without leaving large holes in your food. It has a backlight display for cooking in low lights or grilling at night in the dark.

The thermometer auto shuts off after 10 minutes and folds away for storage and portability. It offers a temperature range of -58°F to 572°F (-50°C to 300°C), making it the perfect accessory for baking, frying, grilling and more.

⭐️ 4.5/5 stars

💬 120,000+ reviews

🏆 "Game changer."

Backed by a staggering 120,000+ reviews and a 4.5-star average rating, the ThermoPro digital instant-read meat thermometer is a fan-favourite among Amazon shoppers.

One shopper describes the thermometer as a "great asset for your kitchen" and says that while it's "kind of cheaply constructed," it "works perfectly."

This "handy" thermometer is "fantastic," writes another reviewer. It has "taken all the guesswork out of cooking." A total "game-changer."

Save 44 per cent on this digital meat thermometer. 

$13 at Amazon

It "does the trick," echoes a third Amazon reviewer. It's "perfect."

While shoppers say the meat thermometer is "accurate" and "easy to use," some note it "does not feel sturdy" and are "concerned" about its lasting durability.

Backed by over 120,000 reviews, Amazon reviewers call this "handy" digital instant-read meat thermometer an "accurate" and "easy-to-use" kitchen "game-changer." However, while it helps measure the internal temperature of meats, baking and more, some note it's "kind of cheaply constructed" and are "concerned" about its long-term durability — something to keep in mind when placing your order.

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