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This 'dangerously relaxing' bestselling water hammock is $15 for the 4th of July

It's compact enough for travel, and it's floating over 42,000 Amazon shoppers' boats.

Ready to take a plunge in the pool this summer without the big splash? Some of us don't want to do a cannonball to get wet. I, for one, prefer taking it easy and gently lowering myself in for a relaxing pool experience. Sound like you? If so, I think you'll also love the pool toy that adults rave about: the Aqua Original 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock — it's just $15 during Amazon's 4th of July sale.

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Two floats connected by soft mesh let you relax while being submerged in the water.  

$15 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

We can't promise you an endless summer, but this doodad can promise you relaxing days in the water for just $15. With two months of summer ahead of you, we can't say the price will be this low for very long.

Why do I need this? 🧐

What makes this pool hammock so special? Well, this simple but ingenious summer must-have is two floats connected by soft mesh. That means you can sit on it and have two armrests, or you can kick back and use the floats as head and footrests. Either way, you can get immersed in the water without sinking.

Travelers like it because it's packable — you can bring it with you and take it home without having to gift a float that you bought at your vacation destination. In addition, some resorts don't allow regular floats, but travelers say this one gets a pass. Not only will it help you disconnect from real life, but it's also easy to inflate and comes in seven colors and two sizes (prices vary).

woman relaxing in a pool hammock
Finally, a pool float that won't make you bust a lung while you blow it up. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Over 42,000 shoppers have given this a five-star rating for its power to make their vacation (or staycation) more relaxing.

Pros 👍

"Dangerously relaxing," wrote a rave reviewer. "The first time I relaxed in the pool with this float, I didn't want to get out of it. My friend floated in it, and she was ready to buy one of her own. I really like how it's not much to inflate! When the entire float is inflatable, it leaves too much room for it to pop. It holds air really well. My favorite summer buy so far!"

"We absolutely love these!" declared this grandparent. "We use them every day in our pool and our children and grandchildren love them as well. They are very well made and hold up a long time. The price is also amazing and you cannot go wrong with these. The selling company is amazing as well. Easy and fast!"

"We bought this a few months ago and it is better than any other floaty I have ever tried," said a third fan. "Not only is it super sturdy, but it is so comfortable. We blew it up the first day and no air has leaked from it, it is as full as it was on day one."

Cons 👎

While a lot of reviewers say they wish they'd gotten one sooner, there are a couple of shoppers who pointed out some drawbacks.

"We bought these for our trip to Mexico," shared a reviewer. "They are small and easy to pack. Now we use them at the lake. Quick [to] inflate and deflate. Take up hardly any space. The inflatable material is thick and durable. I love that you can sit or lie down. All that's missing is a floating cup holder to go with it."

"You can sit a few different ways and lay on it," wrote another shopper. "I just wish they would have a loop or something similar added to it, so we could hook a rope onto it and the boat."

At these prices, you can grab one for everyone in the family. 

$15 at Amazon

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