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This cooling towel from Amazon is a summertime saviour — and it's under $15

Shoppers say this "magic" towel is "great for people and pets."

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Amazon has a $13 cooling towel that will get you through scorching hot summer days. (Photo via Getty Images)

Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked for summer and love soaking up the sun, but I overheat pretty quickly. If you're the same way, I have a simple solution for you. This cooling towel from Amazon Canada will help keep you cool in the sweltering heat, whether you're doing yard work, hitting the hiking trails, tanning in your backyard or whatever else this summer. All it takes is some cold water and a few shakes in the air to activate it, and you'll have instant relief.

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Shoppers dub this convenient little towel an "excellent product." If you're curious to see what else they're saying, plus more warm weather essentials, keep scrolling.

This cooling towel is available in two sizes and eight colours.

$13 at Amazon

If you can't wait to spend the summer outdoors but can't stand the thought of overheating, I am with you. This towel will be your simple solution — it's perfect for keeping you cool during yard work, tanning, hiking, camping, you name it.

To activate it, all you have to do is soak it, wring it out and snap it in the air 3-5 times. It has a mesh texture and is woven with 100 per cent soft cool bamboo fibre, allowing the water to evaporate faster.

Whether you want to wrap it around your neck, head, arms or wherever, it will work to instantly cool you down (without making you sopping wet). And it claims to stay cool for up to three hours.

It comes in a little carrying bottle with a clip on the handle, so you can conveniently attach it to backpacks and beach bags.

⭐️ 4.3/5 stars

💬 4,100+ ratings

🏆 "It's easy to use, portable, and delivers a refreshing chill."

This cooling towel is available in two sizes and eight colours.

$13 at Amazon

With more than 2,700 five-star reviews, this towel seems to be winning over reviewers. Shoppers call this product "awesome" — even those who were "a bit skeptical" at first.

One person claims it's "great for people and pets," which is perfect for preventing your furry friends from overheating this summer.

Another shopper said they're "pleasantly surprised" that it "actually stays cold/cool enough" while they're working out.

A third customer brought these on vacation and said they "will not go anywhere without them" now. They said they worked great as scarves on their "neck [and] head" in 43°C weather.

Although one person said the "thinness of the towel is nice," they also claimed that you can get the same effect "with a normal towel."

An important thing to note is that you have to shake it a few times every so often to keep it cool, which seemed to inconvenience some shoppers.

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