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This Amazon Canada dress is 'comfortable and flattering' — and it's under $30

Add this "stretchy" and "slimming" dress to your spring wardrobe.

someone wearing the Amazon dress
This Amazon dress is only $29 — it's the perfect springtime frock. (Photos via Amazon)

Warmer weather is slowly weaving its way back into Canada, which means it's time to dust off your dresses. If you want to refresh your collection, Amazon Canada has tons of affordable dresses to shop for. The MOLERANI Women's Button Down Dress is a great one to consider — it's lightweight, flowy, stretchy and very comfortable. Keep scrolling to find out what reviewers are saying and to see if it'll be a good fit for your closet.

This spring dress is available in various colours and patterns.

$29 at Amazon

Why you need it

This button-down dress promises comfort with its lightweight, stretchy and soft fabric. The purely decorative buttons add some flair to the dress while giving you peace of mind that they won't pop open.

Its functionality lies in its real pockets, perfect for carrying an extra hair tie, lip balm or just a designated spot for your hands.

The lace-trimmed V-neck and airy silhouette ensure a flattering fit, perfect for springtime.

This dress is versatile for any setting, whether you're hitting the beach or heading to the office.

There's a range of colours, patterns and sizes so you can find your perfect fit.

What others are saying

⭐️ 4.2/5 stars

💬 3,600+ reviews

🏆 "This dress is stretchy and very comfortable."

someone wearing the Amazon dress outside
MOLERANI Women's Button Down Dress. (Photo via Amazon)

Amazon shoppers are pleased with this spring frock, stating it's "soft and stretchy" and "extremely comfortable" above all else.

One person said the "length is great" and "good coverage on the top."

"Love it so much I'm buying a second one," said another reviewer. They added that the material "flows perfectly" and the "cut is very flattering."

Another said it's "great for travelling" since you can easily "wash and hang dry."

However, one customer complained that it's a "loose fit" and they "could have gone down a size," while another said it was "a little short-waisted" for them.

The final verdict

Hunting for new spring wardrobe pieces can be pricey, so if you're looking for a good deal, Amazon has this affordable dress up for grabs. It's worth adding to your cart if you're in need of more easy, casual dresses — and this one is totally comfortable and flattering, according to reviewers. If you have a longer torso, keep in mind that the waist might fall a little short.

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