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This $60 portable air conditioner will help keep you cool in the sweltering heat — Amazon shoppers call it a 'tiny powerhouse'

Plus, more affordable air conditioner units to shop from Amazon Canada.

the amazon portable air conditioner unit
This $60 portable air conditioner from Amazon will help keep you cool this summer. (Photo via Amazon)

Summer is near, and the heat is here. And there's nothing worse than being too hot in your own home (especially at night 🥵). I don't know about you, but I prefer snoozing in a cold, dark room, no matter the season, but *especially* during the warmer months. Plus, studies even claim that sleeping in colder temperatures helps induce melatonin!

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So, if you find your home a little too hot this summer — whether it's your bedroom, apartment or office — Amazon Canada has tons of portable air conditioners that will help solve your problem. For just $60 (originally $80), this lightweight A/C unit will keep things nice and cool with three silent speeds.

Scroll below for further details and to see why shoppers call this device a "game-changer." Plus, discover more affordable air conditioners from Amazon.

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$60 at Amazon

When things get a little too hot, this portable A/C unit will come to the rescue. It's perfect for the kitchen, bedrooms, offices, backyards and camping.

Thanks to its high-performance motor, it'll blast your space with cool air within two seconds. If you need an even colder breeze, you can add cold water or ice cubes on top of the unit.

It has three modes, three wind speeds, four timer settings, and seven LED light options. You can even use essential oils to make it double as a diffuser. Plus, it also has a humidifier option — talk about multi-functional.

The 1,200 mL water tank allows it to run for 8-10 hours. It also comes with a remote, so you can control it within 16.4 feet without getting up every time.

This portable A/C unit has earned a 4-star average rating on Amazon. Shoppers say this "little machine packs a punch!"

One person said it's "a tiny powerhouse" and cools their rooms "super fast." They also confirmed the "water tank lasts ages" and "even shuts off automatically" when it's empty. All in all, they called it "a total game-changer."

Save 25% on this bestselling portable air conditioner.

$60 at Amazon

Its "cooling capability is incomparable," writes one reviewer. They continued to say it helps "humidify the air" and prevents "dryness."

Thanks to its lightweight and "sleek design," this unit is "comfortable to move around."

While people seem to love this portable air conditioner, someone said their "only gripe" is that it "comes with one battery." So, you will have to "be mindful of keeping it charged."

If you don't fare well with a hot home, this portable air conditioner unit is something worth investing in. For $60, you will get A/C, a fan, a lamp, an essential oil diffuser and a humidifier — it's no one-trick pony! And shoppers seem to stand by its performance.

However, keep in mind that it comes with one battery, so you'll want to keep an eye on its charge.

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