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This $20 extendable duster reaches all those hard-to-clean places: 'It’s gross to see what it gets out'

Get ahead of spring cleaning: Use it under the sofa, behind the fridge and on ceiling-fan blades to dislodge hidden dirt and grime.

Do you follow a weekly cleaning checklist or just spruce up your home as needed? Either way, you may be missing some spots: When was the last time you cleaned under your sofa? How about on top of your ceiling fans, under your washer and dryer or in between kitchen appliances and the counter? If you honestly can't remember, you’re not alone. Those places are out of sight, out of mind — and hard to reach. That is, until you have a device like this extendable duster from Amazon. It can help you clean every nook and cranny, and it's only $20.

How much dust do you have hiding in your home? This extendable cleaner can help you find out.

$20 at Amazon

The Heoath Under Appliance Microfiber Duster has a flat, flexible 18-inch paddle that's covered by a double-sided, washable microfiber cloth. Its slim design makes it easy for you to grab those dust bunnies that are hiding under the fridge and other close-to-the-floor appliances. Microfiber is especially effective because it develops a natural electrostatic charge that attracts dust, pollen, dirt and other debris that may be hiding in the darkest corners of your house. While it works great dry, you can also wet the microfiber to get tougher stuck-on grime. Simply toss the cloth in the washing machine after you're done.

Even better: This duster has a telescopic pole that can extend up to 55 inches, or just a little over 4.5 feet. Combined with the 18-inch panel, you can use it to reach spots up to 6 feet away.

For $20, you get the dusting pole and two microfiber cloths. But you also get the peace of mind that comes when your home is finally clean. (And a little sense of accomplishment, right?)

heoth expandable microber duster
What would this duster bring out from under your sofa or from behind your fridge? (Amazon)

A duster this good has plenty of satisfied users to back it up, too. More than 1,300 Amazon shoppers give it five stars and rave reviews.

"This was so functional and easy to clean under my refrigerator, stove, and end tables," wrote one happy shopper. "What a great tool! I especially like that the cloth has elastic around it so that it doesn't slip off like other cleaning tools I have. It is also very thin, so it easily slips under low appliances and furniture."

"I do not love to clean, but I do love a clean house," shared another fan. "Products that help me do that better and faster are my friend. These are my new best friends for getting into those hard-to-reach crevices. I know my house is cleaner since I started using them ... There are so many ways you will use them to clean!"

Of course, a few reviewers also shared photo evidence of the duster's effectiveness. "It’s gross to see what it gets out from under kitchen appliances," one said. Gross, yes. Satisfying, also yes.

Another impressed customer shared: "My grandma is 82 and can't clean like she used to, but she's still obsessed with cleaning. I got this thinking cat toys, but a slide under the fridge and stove converted both of us. That stove part especially is hard to clean and gets nasty, so this is a godsend."

"It is less fluffy than other dusters, so it doesn't pick up everything," cautions a final user. Still, it "easily reaches in narrow gaps where other dusters cannot. Microfiber cover is easy to clean; just brush big particles into the trash then toss the cover in the laundry."

You can't call your home clean until you scrub every spot, right? This duster can hit grimy spots over 6 feet away.

$20 at Amazon

Reading this and realizing you haven't dusted in a while? You can use the Heoath duster just about anywhere, but if you're looking for a more compact cleaning option, Amazon shoppers also love these damp dusting sponges.

These top-selling sponges come can be used again and again. Soak them to soften them, then clean blinds, vents, mirrors, baseboards, window tracks and more. The grooved design traps dust and dirt. 

"I honestly wish I had bought them sooner, because these are amazing," shared one Amazon reviewer. "I don't know how they do it, but these things grab up every last bit of dust and dirt off those hard to reach/annoying places. They are also so easy to clean and maintain, so they are built to last you for a while."

$10 at Amazon

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