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Professional cleaners love these streak-free microfiber cloths — get ’em for $2 a pop

Plus, snag a stainless steel cleaner that actually smells good.

Have you ever wiped down a mirror with a rag, only to feel like you needed to clean up after your cleaning? If your cloths leave behind streaks, lint or both, it's time to try something new. These highly rated Fish Scale Cleaning Cloths are just the thing. Their name comes from their unique diamond pattern, which thousands of Amazon customers — including cleaning professionals — swear by for achieving a flawless finish. At just $13 for a six-pack (about $2 a pop), these microfiber cleaning cloths are much more affordable than single-use towels — and less wasteful too.

Don't be fooled by the pretty look of these pastel wipes — they're pros at tackling grimy surfaces. 

$15 at Amazon

So, what sets these fish scale cleaning cloths apart from standard microfiber cleaning cloths? It's all in their wavy design, which has little grooves that are rough enough to dislodge crusty residue yet gentle enough to clean without leaving scratches. Since they're still made of microfiber, they're also absorbent and provide a pro-looking polish without leaving streaks or lint behind. Use them on your windows, stainless steel appliances, furniture, countertops, dishes — the limit does not exist. And don't forget about those smudges on your phone, TV and laptop screens! These will clear those up in no time.

Another cool feature? They're machine washable, meaning you can reuse them up to 100 times. In fact, the brand says that just one of these cloths is the equivalent of 15 rolls of paper towels.

a colorful pack of fish scale microfiber cleaning cloths
There's nothing fishy about these microfiber cleaning cloths, except for their effectively scaly design. (Amazon)

More than 3,400 Amazon customers have given the microfiber cloths a perfect five-star rating.

One satisfied shopper appreciated that they're so effective, they allow for "cleaning without using chemicals." They added: "I use them on all of my stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Just dampen and wipe. They sparkle! I keep one in my car at all times to clean my windows without using window cleaner. Using dry works just fine. When I want to clean really dirty windows, I wet them, and you do not have to dry with another towel; they dry themselves streak-free! Will definitely buy again."

And the pros love them too. "Not only do they come in pretty colors, but these soft cleaning cloths create streak-free windows and mirrors and are easy to use," wrote another impressed buyer. "They are durable enough to be used every day by professional house cleaners like myself."

"Used [these] for cleaning mirrors in bathrooms, windows of the house, windows of vehicles," shared a third reviewer. "Worked fantastic. I used them to dry off the windows after using Windex, and they worked very well. Left no lint." Their one word of advice? "Don't dry them in the dryer on high heat. Let them air dry." (The tend to shrink when dried on high heat.)

This final fan sums things up best: "The only drawback is that birds might fly into my window [because] it's so transparent."

There are eight colors and combos to choose from — who said cleaning has to be boring?

$18 at Amazon

Another streak-free cleaning product I can personally vouch for? This top-rated stainless steel cleaner:

This cleaner trades those headache-inducing chemical odors for a light lavender scent, which my migraine-prone self is very grateful for. I actually look forward to taking it out and giving my kitchen a spritz. Because it's made from coconut oil, it glides right over appliances super smoothly and leaves a polished-looking finish once you're done cleaning. I've even noticed that since switching to this cleaner, I don't have to wipe down my appliances as often, since it acts as a barrier to help prevent future smudges and scratches.

$20 at Amazon

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